COS Office - Ensign Levord Reporting for Duty

Posted Oct. 12, 2020, 12:40 p.m. by Ensign Gazak Levord (Security Officer) (Carter E)

Gazak marched with purpose off of the turbolift and towards deck twenty-nine. The U.S.S. Chimera was Gazak’s first post out of the academy, and, wanting to impress, Gazak had taken the time to go over the ship’s schematics. He didn’t have the time to figure everything, but he was reasonably certain how to get security, sick bay, and the JO’s quarters. Knowing all of those were essential, the rest could come later.

The Betazoid took a left turn and found himself walking into the security office. There were desks throughout the room for each of the security officers, and Gazak knew he was on a ship that prioritized security. Most security officers had to split a desk with another officer. Swiveling his head he spotted the COS office, occupied by a dark-haired human of pretty standard build.

“Ensign Levord reporting for duty sir.” Gazak entered the room and stood at attention, waiting for the reply of the COS. The next few years of Gazak’s life were about to change, and this Lieutenant would be a huge part of it.

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