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OOC: With the main sim ended, let’s go see what this Starbase is about. Feel free to join me on this excursion.

Braxton pressed his combadge =^= Harris to Bridge I’m disembarking onto the Starbase. Try not to miss me too much. Harris out.=^=

Harris. XO

=^=Acknowledged, enjoy your visit to the Starbase sir,=^= As the ship was at space dock, it was a rare opportunity for NLt Sasha Kelvin to man the bridge. She didn’t mind staying on duty while the rest of the crew took a break, particularly because she had just passed her bridge officer’s qualification.

~NLt. Kelvin~

As the XO was getting ready to disembark, Koria walked up. The Starbase engineering crews had arrived to help with repairs, and her assistant chief had kicked her out of engineering for a few hours. She had been threatened with having the doc called on her to relieve her of duty unless she took a break to get a hot meal, and maybe a quick nap. Her team had it under control, plus there was only so much that could be done until the Starbase engineers had been able to start digging into the repairs.

So here she was. A hot shower had done wonders, so now it was time to find a hot meal. She had been living off the emergency rations for the last week as they made their way to the starbase.

“Commander. Headed over to the starbase?”

Lt Sutret - CE

“Ah Lieutenant indeed I am. I’m shopping for my Fiancé’s birthday.” Braxton had made a mental note to be as transparent and an open-book as he can. He wanted to be perceived as relatable and honest to his crewmembers. “What’s on your agenda?”

Harris, XO

“Well sir. I was kicked out of my own engineering, and told now to come back until I’ve had a hot meal, and quote ‘a few hours of sleep.’,” she said with a chuckle. “I think they were getting a lit tired of having me constantly looking over their shoulder.

“So here I am, hopefully able to find something tasty. Have you been here before Commander?”

Lt Sutret - CE

Braxton shook his head. “I have not Lieutenant. I was on a similar Starbase prior to my promotion and transfer to the ship. For what it’s worthLieutenantt you deserve the R&R. Your efforts didn’t go unnoticed.”

Harris, XO

While the First Officer and Chief Engineer were getting off the Chimera for some shore leave, Ensign Gazak Levord was waiting for the shuttle to come to get on the ship for his first assignment. He, along with a few other new graduates and transfers, had gotten to the starbase a couple of days before the Chimera, and had heard rumor the ship had encountered more than it’s fair share of trouble. As a Betazoid Gazak might hear their thoughts before he saw their faces, but Gazak tried not to pry. Since leaving home and joining the academy he’d learn of other species view of the ‘invasive’ nature of his species.

Levord, Security Officer

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