Side sim: Sickbay - A moments calm

Posted Oct. 12, 2020, 7:25 p.m. by Ensign Gazak Levord (Security Officer) (Carter E)

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Sickbay - A moments calm
Sometime after the majority of sick at had been restored to some semblance of order Ryley lowered himself gently into the chair in his office and automatically reached down to rub at his bad leg. He leaned back his head and closed his eyes, enjoying the moments peace.

There was still work to be done and patients who would need further treatment and follow up but he needed the moment to sit. Perhaps, he considered, he was getting too old for this sort of starship nonsense.


Before Gazak had managed to get aboard the USS Chimera, it seemed that the ship had quite the uproar. The dual sick bays were nearly full to the brim, engineering was desperately trying to investigate and solve issues, while his own comrads at security were working to locate missing crewman. To head over for a physical right now seemed insensitive, but protocol was protocol.

“I’m looking for the CMO?” Gazak asked one of the staff as he walked in. The woman looked at him, and with a little skepticism pointed to the office where Ryley was sitting. Sleeping even? Gazak headed over to the office and gave the man a minute before speaking. He looked tired, and by the occupancy of the sickbays he couldn’t blame him. Least he could do was give the man a minute of rest, protocol or not.

“Ensign Levord reporting for boarding physical sir.” Gazak stood at attention and awaited the doctor’s reply.

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