Side sim: Sickbay - A moments calm

Posted Oct. 12, 2020, 9:04 p.m. by Ensign Gazak Levord (Security Officer) (Carter E)

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Sickbay - A moments calm

Posted by Ensign Gazak Levord (Security Officer) in Side sim: Sickbay - A moments calm

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim: Sickbay - A moments calm
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Sometime after the majority of sick at had been restored to some semblance of order Ryley lowered himself gently into the chair in his office and automatically reached down to rub at his bad leg. He leaned back his head and closed his eyes, enjoying the moments peace.

There was still work to be done and patients who would need further treatment and follow up but he needed the moment to sit. Perhaps, he considered, he was getting too old for this sort of starship nonsense.


Before Gazak had managed to get aboard the USS Chimera, it seemed that the ship had quite the uproar. The dual sick bays were nearly full to the brim, engineering was desperately trying to investigate and solve issues, while his own comrads at security were working to locate missing crewman. To head over for a physical right now seemed insensitive, but protocol was protocol.

“I’m looking for the CMO?” Gazak asked one of the staff as he walked in. The woman looked at him, and with a little skepticism pointed to the office where Ryley was sitting. Sleeping even? Gazak headed over to the office and gave the man a minute before speaking. He looked tired, and by the occupancy of the sickbays he couldn’t blame him. Least he could do was give the man a minute of rest, protocol or not.

“Ensign Levord reporting for boarding physical sir.” Gazak stood at attention and awaited the doctor’s reply.

For a moment, nothing happened. The man remained motionless, his eyes closed and his right hand over his eyes, middle finger and thumb at the temples. Then with a deep sigh he pulled them both together until he was pinching the bridge of his nose.

”That so?” he asked, his tone gravelly and his eyes still closed. ”My first response is beat it kid.” he opened his eyes, straightened in his seat and took in the man at the door. ”Why should I change my response?” he asked.


The CMO, apparently a ‘captain’ by rank, had not even opened deigned to open his eyes. He kept his eyes forward and attention drawn on the doctor, as he hadn’t been put at ease yet. Even so he could hear the surface thought of the nurses and technical staff around sick bay.

‘Those poor kids just aren’t ready for Ryley straight out of the academy’. Thought one.

‘It’s nice to see hotshots from the academy squirm for their physical’. Thought another.

‘Doesn’t he see we’re busy here?’ Thought a third.

“Because Security is understaffed trying to find missing crewman, Lieutenant Hugo can’t assign me a task without ensuring I’ve completed the onboarding physical, and it would be unethical to file a physical without one being performed, sir.” His tone remained steady, but did not raise. Gazak was both annoyed and sympathetic about the CMO’s mood, but chances were letting him know either of those things wouldn’t help matters.

The corners of Ryley’s mouth turned up slightly. ”A phaser jockey with ethics? Interesting premise.” he said and picking up a mug drank deeply from it. ”According to Hume, old earth philosopher, regarding ethics reason alone cannot be a motive to the will, but rather is the slave of the passions. So if we go on that you having the reason shouldn’t really impact mepy will to do the job right?” he spent a few seconds staring at Levord and then sighed again. ”Relax kid, before you strain something.” he said and swung the chair around. Picking up his cane he limped the short distance between them and through the door.

” Luckily for you I am a slave to my passions.” he said as he moved into sick at proper, glancing back he added ”well come on.”

As they moved through the bay towards an empty bio bed one of the Nurses smiled and gave the ensign a wink. Riley caught the action and said to him as he passed. ”Yeah don’t make friends with everyone who wanders in here. Bed six is about to spike. Give her something to reduce the fever and rescan the wound.” he said.

Sure enough as the greying doctor reached the empty bed another across the room made a noise indicating something was wrong. The nurse moved off to deal with it while Ryley patted the bed for Gaza. ” After you.”


Phaser Jockey with ethics? Gazak couldn’t help but feel he was hit with a smidgen of respect as a person hidden under a barrage of disdain for his field. This was not necessarily unexpected, competition between the fields had been pervasive in the academy, why not in the field as well? The human philosopher troubled him. He didn’t recognize the name. A general philosophy and culture class was part of each cadet’s training, but he didn’t get to dive very deeply into any particular species philosophy.

He followed the doctor and noticed the wink of the nurse as he passed. A specimen of a human female, she caught Gazak’s gaze before CMO Ryley warned him off of it. He wondered if the doctor knew a medical reason to stay away from the woman, but let the man’s mind alone as he patted down the empty bio-bed.

“Roger that.” Gazak replied, and approached the bed first with a sit, then laid into the bed somewhat uncomfortably. Physicals weren’t exactly the most pleasant experience.

“I don’t know Hume, but Aristotle would argue passion is only a part of what makes an argument.” He quipped as his back hit the bed. Aristotle was one of a couple human philosopher’s he remembered. “Reason and authority have to carry at least some of the weight.”

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