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Posted by Lieutenant Koria Sutret (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Engineering

Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Engineering

Posted by Lieutenant Koria Sutret (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Engineering
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“Looking for a Korea Sootret,” came the voice trying to call over the background noise of engineers moving equipment, the soft but insistent thrum of the warp core and the screeching sound of metal being pushed into place. It was a bustle of activity that was met with a great deal of energy. Crew mixed with starbase workers and engineers as the ‘crunch’ came for getting things finally done.

A tall, trim Denobulan woman, the prominent, curved bone ridges of her face tattooed in a range of color that accentuated her long hair, also colored, the most prominent being a deep crimson. She wore navy blue coveralls that were distinctive to the starbase engineering group that was a familiar sight these last weeks while all the impulse engines were being replaced and the repairs through the ship were done. The name patch on her coveralls also bore her rank, a Lt Porta. In her hand she carried a thin, if large tablet.
- Porta

“Hey el tee, you’ve got a visitor,” a senior chief said from the close to the door.

Pulling her head out of under the warp core, Koria looked back towards the door, before quickly ducking back under. She finished securing her work, before grabbing the railing and using it to help pull her up from where she was laying on the floor.

“Keep tweaking the 5th inverter. For some reason it keeps slipping out of alignment,” she said as she walked towards the entrance. On her way she grabbed a rag out of her kit and started wiping her hands. She had been in and out of different access hatches all day, and long since removed her uniform jacket, and was down to just the tunic.

Finishing wiping off her hands, she made her way over to the Denobulan. “I’m Lieutenant Sutret. What can I help you with?”

Lt Sutret - CE

“Kee Porta,” she said, a too wide smile distorting her face. Sutret would note that Porta also had a shade of make-up that accentuated the tattoos. It seemed a contrast between her attention to such detail and the relatively plain coveralls. “I’m assistant to Commander Carter. I’ve heard that there is an old earth saying that,” and here she shifted to an accent that was not quite but close to Terran, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Commander Carter is not fat and he sings poorly but he was singing the praises of your people and the station refit teams and that he was pulling them out to now work on the Thames. I have here the sign off to place anything left in your hands, Lieutenant.”

She shifted the tablet she had to show it had a release form. “The impulse engines are new and needs a shakedown cruise to fully test. So too your SIF and Inertial Dampers have been almost completely refitted. They have been tested in short flights but you’ll want to tweak them as you go.” It sounded like she was reading from a list but wasn’t looking at anything. “Is there anything you want me to bring back to the Commander?” she inquired.
- Kee Porta

Koria nodded as she was pulled her focus from Porta’s intricate tattoos, and back to the list at hand. Taking the tablet she ran down the list of repairs and open items left. Almost everything was reinstalled, it was down to the final checkoffs and tweaks. A couple of days of flight time would be enough to get the final testing done, and the sign-offs logged into the computer.

“I think everything looks good,” she said placing her thumbprint on the tablet before handing it back. “Give me one second though.”

Kee took the tablet back and cradled it.

Trailing off, Koria headed to her office. It was only a minute before she was back, a wooden box in her hand.

When Koria returned she would find Kee looking about, both at the engineers bustling from here to there or at the thrumming warp core. When she heard Koria return she had a wistful look on her face. “It’s so small,” she said. “I miss the feeling of everything being cozy and seeing the core as the lifeblood of the ship. A Starbase just has so much room.” She looked Koria up and down quickly. “And better uniforms.” Her brows furrowed in wonder at the box Koria held.

“Give this to the Commander. I promised him a bottle of Draylaxian whiskey if he finished early. And he definitely delivered. So here is my end of the bargain, and pass along my thanks as well.”

Lt Sutret - CE

Kee winced before sporting a wide smile again. “He will be delighted. Personally I think whiskey is one of the six worst tasting things in the galaxy. Dead gagh is another. Live gagh has such a delightful texture. But I digress.” She shifted the tablet to accommodate the box as well. “Thank you, Chief. Is there anything we, or I, can do for you before you launch? Perhaps I could be a stowaway that missed the last call to depart.”
- Kee Porta, Eng

“I can definitely understand, there is something nice about really having the heart of the ship right here. It always seems out of the way on a starbase. But as for the uniforms, I think any uniform can look good. It just all depends on whose wearing it.”

Kee laughed. “I’ll trade this for a uniform of a century ago in a minute.”

Koria paused for a moment before she handed the box over to Porta. “As for the whiskey, I’d have to agree. It’s not my usual taste, but he did set the terms. And with the work your teams have done, I’m not going to exactly complain about it,” Koria said with a short laugh.

“But I think that is everything. I wouldn’t say no to an extra set of hands around here, but I can only imagine what the Commander would say I owe him if I took you with us. It was hard enough to come across that one bottle. Maybe next time we stop out this way, there will be something that we could use your help with.”

Lt Sutret - CE

She nodded. “Such things are rarer in the era of just replicating, but makes them more valuable to the person. Maybe I’ll get a stay and can hop onto a ship for a bit and see more than just the same planet outside the porthole.” She held up a hand. “Next time you stop this way don’t give us so much to do.” She shifted the box. “Thank you again, Chief. I’ll pass on my regards to Commander Carter. And the whiskey.”
- Kee Porta

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