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The Chimera refit was nearing its completion and lay docked to a vast arm of the Starbase spacedock. Drones and work-bees buzzed around it like so many bees about its grey deuterium hive. The principle crew and officers of the Chimera were enjoying a meal in the Officer’s lounge. The quiet hum of conversation was muted further by the sound suppression; here it seemed that haste as simply not a factor. Waiters in traditional garb floated from table to table; the one in which the crew was about was oval in design and set apart to better take in the view outside. The main course had just been completed with desserts being delivered on a cart.

Curiously, perhaps, an ancient Bolian in a hover-chair maneuvered towards the table. His rank insignia designated Commodore. Three others followed behind, each in civilian dress, smartly attired. One carried a briefcase like device, one other a tablet.

Major Lardel was quiet and listening as usual. The CAG wasn’t technically part of the Chimera staff, but he accepted his role as the bridge between the carrier crew and the Marines and Marine Aviators under him. Seeing the Commodore coming towards them. Interrupting the quiet conversations around him, he cleared his throat loudly and said firmly but without volume “Attention On Deck!” and stood up and at attention.

“Captain, please forgive my intrusion. May I join you all for a nightcap?” He nodded to the waiter. “My usual.” Closer up the Bolian’s blue had turned a blue-purple and his wrinkles made him look like someone slowly transforming into a raisin. “For those who do not know me, I am Woll. My division is with the Corporation and Fleet Subcommittee. I won’t disturb you for long.” Woll took a long look at the ship. “How do you like your new paint job? I’m sure you can discern the subtlety of shifting from Luna grey to Iotian Pewter.” His tone was light with only a touch of pleasant cynicism.

Commodore Woll

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Lardel, CAG


The three others with the Commodore were quite varied. The one in the lead was a man with a receding hairline approaching middle age, smartly dressed. A second was a shorter, trim Asian man, much younger. The third was a woman, taller than the others, her hair cut short with a slightly higher mohawk ridge. Blonde, the ‘ridge’ was colored blending the blonde with red highlights. All three wore suits and had similar ‘pins’ on their lapels - that of a glossy black with a silver circle near the base with three star trails shooting up from it. As Lardel spoke out, the woman twitched but otherwise there was no other reaction.
- Wookiee

“You and your team have done a wonderful job on the ship Commodore,” Freja nodded kindly, “You have my sincere gratitude.”

~Freja Andreassen~

The Commodore, after nodding to the Major in quiet approval of his attention to formality and gestured to be ‘at ease’. His deep midnight blue eyes flickered to the ships beyond. “I find it so fulfilling to see a work done. But then it doesn’t really end, now does it? Which is what I find so exciting.” The waiter came with a small glass on a tray that contained a bright orange drink. The wrinkled face smiled and took the drink. “Thank you, Walter,” he said before turning to the rest, glancing at the trio behind him once more.

“No, I suppose not,” Freja replied, taking a sip of her whiskey sour.

“I hope this krem brool is as good as you say.” Ensign Gazak spoke with one of the other younger officers. It was an odd environment for the new officers. The Chimera had suffered, and many were still unaccounted for. The crew seemed happy to have reinforcements, but Gazak kept seeing that look whenever he reported for an assignment. That subconsciously, they were expecting someone else.

“It’s creme brulee. It’s French. You’ll like it, I promise.” The other ensign replied, while casting a sideways glance at their new guests. “What they thinking Levord?”

“Just because I can read thoughts doesn’t mean I’m obliged to share them.” Gazak countered. “What the captain discusses with the commodore is their business.” He replied, though he was certainly curious himself.

“At times Starfleet can kill two brons with one stick. In this case three.” He raised his glass. “A toast to new worlds.”

After he had sipped perhaps half of the liquid, Moll set the glass down. “You need a shakedown cruise that will allow you to tweak systems to their hearts content. The marines you have are nearly all new and need something to. Starfleet wants an inroad into an unaligned area of space and a door has opened to us for just that sort of thing.” He gestured to the trio behind him. “Since the Dominion War we have sought new resource bases for our ship building. We have contracted a trio of mining operations in a region of space affectionately known as the Scar. There has been an incident on one of them. A .. murder. The sheriff has been murdered and his deputy is the principal suspect. Given the sensitivity of region, unaligned warlords, delicate interspecies relations and the need to retain a supply line Starfleet has entered into an agreement with the corporation involved to come to the bottom of this incident. These here with me are associates of the Magnus Corporation who manage the operation and will accompany you as liaisons.”

“Sounds like a pressing issue, when do we leave?” Freja asked.

Moll tasted his drink again. “When you are confident the Chimera is ship-shape, of course.” He sipped again. “However, as the Earth philosopher and detective Sherlock Holmes aptly spoke, ‘the game’s afoot’. We wouldn’t want to let the trail go cold, even though it does seem open and shut.” He looked at his drink that was almost empty and expressed a wrinkled frown. “One other small detail. The USS Shogun, a Pendragon, was the active vessel assigned to the Scar. She has disappeared. Starfleet doesn’t want our presence left for too long.”

Rebecca was in the lounge of the starbase, enjoying the view and reading up on some paperwork she had to finish before evals. Her drink was close at hand and nearly tepid at this point. But she was so used to her tea being that way on long days, she didn’t notice as she went to take another sip. A voice at her elbow made her pause, cup a scant few inches from her lips.

“I’m betting that tea is nearer to room temperature, isn’t it, Becs?” The speaker stepped into view and Rebecca felt her heart race as Jonathan Parker’s smile met her gaze. “Been forever. You look great.” He leaned down to kiss her cheek before flopping into the nearby chair like he owned the place.

“It’s Rebecca, Jonathan. And yes, it’s room temp. But then, you should be used to things that are cold?” The snide remark was added as she uncurled her legs from how she was sitting and leaned down to zip up her boots as she slid into them. All she wanted from this man was distance.

“Come on now, Becs. Sorry, Rebecca. But as I recall, you weren’t cold when we were together. Heated up the rooms pretty good, didn’t we?” He reached out and laid his hand on her arm. “Come on. It wasn’t all bad, was it.”

Rebecca froze. “No, it wasn’t all bad.” She looked up at him but leaned back to get away from his touch. Trouble was, that meant she couldn’t escape. Jonathan was everything she had loved in a man. Till he had her. Then he was suddenly everything she didn’t. He had grown possessive and abusive. Not physically, of course. But in ways that made her doubt her sanity on more than one occasion. She had barely made it thru finals her third year because of the relationship and had broken it off between terms. That’s when things had grown worse. Always just within the confines of legal so no one would do anything. Now here he was, in the flesh, right in front of her.

And suddenly she was unsure of herself once more.

Lt Rebecca Morrison
Lt JG Jonathan Morrison
Station Science Officer
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~Freja Andreassen~

Koria looked over at the Captain as she took a sip of the tea the waiter had brought her. Yet another event that was taking her out of engineering, keeping her from getting the ship back into one piece. Though it was almost done.

Hopefully they weren’t wanting them to leave to early. Her team could handle most of the repairs that were left, but it was one thing to do them out in open space, versus in a space dock.

Lt Sutret - CE

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