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Jordan Tailor stood by waiting to receive the tablet. “What do you make of these, chief?” he said, pointing to a series of numbered pallets. “Never seen this before. Pre-patterned materials in a state of dematerialization in a pattern buffer - containers with stores in them with a mini fusion generator to keep it powered. You seen these Chief?”
- NE J Tailor

Koria looked more closely at the list, she let out a low whistle. “I’ve heard of doing that in theory, but the risk is usually way to high. You need constant power, otherwise you will lose whatever is in suspension. The times I’ve heard it discussed are to move something that is extremely hazardous, but it is always rematerialized when it is moved on and off the ship.”

Signing off on the rest of the list, she handed the tablet back to the NE.

Having clocked enough time at the Helm to safely pass his Starship Navigation exam, Cadet Foster ventured into Engineering to see what he could do to assist. Spotting Lieutenant Sutret and Ensign Tailor over by some supplies, Nicholas approached them.

“Lieutenant Sutret, I’m Cadet Foster.” The young man said, introducing himself to the pair. “I was wondering if you had anything that I could assist with?”

Cadet Foster

“Cadet, you up for a field trip?”

Lt Sutret - CE

“This should be interesting,” Nick replied, looking over the Chief’s shoulders at the material behind her. “Anything that’ll keep me busy for the next 2-3 hours is alright with me, Lieutenant.” The Cadet replied enthusiastically.

Cadet Foster

“Well grab a tricorder. Ensign Tailor, grab your kit, and let’s head down to the cargo bay and see what we’ve got.”

Putting her words to action, Koria ran back over to her office and grabbed her own kit, before returning back to the main floor. “Everyone ready? Because we have some containers to investigate.”

Lt Sutret - CE

The numbered pallets came out to be 8 in total. Each were banked up against the bulkhead wall and were some three meters square. A console was on one side indented along the dull grey-black wall of the cube. Next to it another indented ‘ladder’ was inset to allow one to climb to the top. It would have been a solid ‘cube’ of the same grey-black material if not for the console, ladder, and a ‘capstone’ as it were of lighter material that was some 10 centimeters tall. Lights blinked sedately near the console and two lighted vertical ‘bars’ were to the right of it. One glowed fully green from top to bottom. The other was showing a blue/purple glow that was up about 80% of the way to the top of it.
- Wookiee

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