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“Cadet, you up for a field trip?”

Lt Sutret - CE

“This should be interesting,” Nick replied, looking over the Chief’s shoulders at the material behind her. “Anything that’ll keep me busy for the next 2-3 hours is alright with me, Lieutenant.” The Cadet replied enthusiastically.

Cadet Foster

“Well grab a tricorder. Ensign Tailor, grab your kit, and let’s head down to the cargo bay and see what we’ve got.”

Putting her words to action, Koria ran back over to her office and grabbed her own kit, before returning back to the main floor. “Everyone ready? Because we have some containers to investigate.”

Lt Sutret - CE

Koria made her way into the cargo bay, and let out a low whistle at the pallets laid out there. It was definitely impressive, and she was looking forward to getting a closer look at the containers.

Flipping out her tricorder she approached the first container.

Lt Sutret - CE

“Have any clue of what’s in here?” Cadet Foster asked once he began his first scans. Nick thought it was odd that there wasn’t a manifest attached to the shipment, but maybe that’s because it was classified.


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The numbered pallets came out to be 8 in total. Each were banked up against the bulkhead wall and were some three meters square. A console was on one side indented along the dull grey-black wall of the cube. Next to it another indented ‘ladder’ was inset to allow one to climb to the top. It would have been a solid ‘cube’ of the same grey-black material if not for the console, ladder, and a ‘capstone’ as it were of lighter material that was some 10 centimeters tall. Lights blinked sedately near the console and two lighted vertical ‘bars’ were to the right of it. One glowed fully green from top to bottom. The other was showing a blue/purple glow that was up about 80% of the way to the top of it.
- Wookiee

“I’m assuming green means good.” Cadet Foster stated as he glanced between the green-lighted bar and blue/purple bar. “I’m just waiting for my scans to be complete before I make that assumption, though,” Nicholas stated.


All but the top of the ‘container’ scanned out to be a significant fusion generator. It was operational and there were no ‘leaks’ or otherwise identified issues. The top cap of the device was a storage unit that was not unlike the memory buffer of a transporter unit. The console and indicator bars were the only ‘external’ controls.
- Wookiee

“I’d have to agree that green probably means good. And I’m guessing the other bar represents the power reserves. Though I do wish there was some more information so we knew how long the power would last in these containers…” Koria trailed of as she looked over the tricorder results. Most of the container was the fusion generator, with a small top portion that looked like a pattern buffer.

“Interesting. Based upon what I’m seeing here, these containers are essentially an oversized memory unit. We should be able to get whatever is in here out if we absolutely had to. Have our transporter lock onto the buffer unit, and beam it out. But we really should find out what is in there before we do that.

“Are you able to get any readings on what might be in there.”

Tuning her tricorder, Koria scanned the buffer trying to get an idea of what might be stored in it.

Lt Sutret - CE

Nicholas shook his head. “I don’t think we’ll be able to use the tricorder to collect that data.” The Cadet said. “That is, unless you want to hook it up to the ship’s computer.” Foster still being a Cadet, lacked experience or knowledge to be able to collect such data.


The tricorder showed that there was a great deal of data stored in that buffer. By the look of it in general Sutret and Foster could tell none was organic but more simple compounds aka non organic. Technically speaking, there was the computer display on the side of the beast that may answer some of the questions. The unit itself packed a punch on power, though, equaling the fusion impulse engine on a standard shuttle.
- Wookiee

“Well Cadet, thank goodness we have the technology!” Koria exclaimed with a chuckle.

Studying her tricorder once more, it looked like whatever in it was inorganic, but she couldn’t tell anymore.

“What do you say we toss caution to the wind, and see if the simple approach might work.” Reaching up, Koria tapped on the side console to see if she could get it to respond.

Lt Sutret - CE

=^= Harris to Engineering, status update.=^=


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