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Posted by Major Krin “Hannibal” Lardel (Commander Air Group (CAG)) in Main Sim - Hangar Bay

Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Hangar Bay

Posted by Major Krin “Hannibal” Lardel (Commander Air Group (CAG)) in Main Sim - Hangar Bay
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Reggie had forsaken her ‘suit’ for something that was only slightly less formal in her eyes - this being a black body suit that hugged her body that was further cocooned by a flowing trench coat. Calf high dark boots and sunglasses completed the ensemble that clashed with her short blond hair cropped in a slight mohawk and dyed red with color that faded to a rose the further from the crest her hair went. The click of her heels on the flight deck echoed softly in the space; Reggie looked oblivious to her two ‘shadows’, two marines.

Stopping she tapped at her thin comm-padd, sending out a message.

Commander Lardel, CAG
Cadet Foster, Helm
Lieutenant Hugo, Security

Please rendezvous with me at the Hanger Deck, Gamma Bay area for a briefing related to the upcoming arrival at Plouton 9 Mining Station.

Regina Tuppens
Security Advisor
Magnus Corporation

Lt. Hugo received the notification while he was working in his office in Security. After informing the officer on duty there where he would be if needed, he crossed through the ship. Arriving at the hangar bay, he wondered if the CAG would be furious with these folks for requesting a meeting in their sacred land where not even Federation officers could set food. He thought about waiting outside the door for the CAG’s arrival, but then recalled that he was Chief of Security and could go basically wherever he pleased. He wondered if perhaps he was feeling a little indignant then sat the thoughts aside.

He entered the hangar bay and crossed to where Tuppens and the marines were, “Ms. Tuppens,” he nodded in treating.

-Hugo, CoS/CNS

“Lt Hugo, I presume,” Regina said, extending her hand. “Call me Reggie. I’ve never gotten used to Regina and Tuppens is too close to tuppence which was a particular schoolyard pranking. I see that you double as counselor. How does that work being a ‘security counselor’?”
- Regina

Lardel was moving towards them from down the flight line. He saw the CoS enter and introduce himself and approached and said “Greetings.” and he looked at the flowing coat worn by the ‘Security Advisor’. “Ma’am, you’ll need to stow the coat. Loose clothing like that has a tendency to get caught on things you don’t want it to get caught on.” and he gestured for one of the Marines to take the garment.

“Now… what are we discussing that couldn’t be spoken about somewhere other than my flight deck?”

Lardel, CAG

Regina angled a thin brow upward Vulcan like for a moment then inclined her head and surrendered her coat with a fluid gesture. “Pleased to meet you too Major. Statistically speaking Starfleet carrier groups not within an operating theatre are underutilized and slow to respond in the event of a situation. The Chimera has not had an engagement in over a year. That could very easily change inside the next couple of weeks upon arrival at the station. Given the possibility of this I thought a meeting here would be .. appropriate to discuss what you may encounter and potential operations to seek your missing ship.”
- Regina

Lardel crossed his arms on his chest and looked directly at Regina.

“This ship may not have had an engagement in over a year, but this squadron hasn’t been here a year. In fact, all of our aviators save three have seen not only combat… but have done so within the past six Earth months. And the past six months all of them have been training specifically for duty aboard the Chimera. And Im still wondering why this needed to be discussed on the actual flight deck. If you are so concerned about my squadrons readiness, I’m failing to see how closing down part of the flight deck that is being used for practice is… how do you all put it… logical.” He cocked his head slightly to the side and then said “What experience do you have with fighters?”

Lardel, CAG

“You are at Warp 6 in a Green Zone. Maintenance crews assigned to this section are currently in a training holo receiving a lecture on updated mechanical configuration changes in the latest adaptation of fighter engine designs. This space was listed as clear. However, since I have evidently ruffled feathers and you show no interest, then I will leave. I had thought that this would be more comfortable for a discussion than a stuffy conference room. Apparently I stand corrected. My apologies for wasting your time.”

With that she nodded to her escort and turned to depart with them.

“Discussions don’t need comfort, but they do need the proper time and location. My flight deck isn’t either of those. I am, however, interested in what you have to say. Unless you think it’s an actual waste of time, we can take this to my office.”

Lardel actually only had two concerns: the Templar fighters and his aviators. And the fact that this… civilian… had taken upon herself to come onto his flight deck without asking didn’t sit well with him at all. He was fine discussing the upcoming operation… but respect went both directions; and if she wanted it, she needed to give it as well.

Lardel, CAG

Regina stopped and replied, “What I think is not as important as whether you think it is useful. Lead on.”

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