Bridge - Getting Underway

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A couple of minutes later the doors opened and three figures emerged. Two were in security red and one was definitely civilian, dressed in a similar well tailored suit. The ‘Magnus Corp’ pin was subtle, but still prominent on his lapel. He carried his slim briefcase in hand. He paused just inside the doors to get his bearings, his balding head showing up harsher in the overhead lighting. When he spotted the Captain with a flicker of recognition he approached. The security took positions to either side of the doors.

“Captain, thank you for seeing me.” He glanced at the viewscreen. “I didn’t realize we were that close.” His eyes squinted as he studied the nebula. “I imagine that you have questions for me, and I have an Intel briefing for you about the planet and it’s operations.”
- Mason Larden

“Alright, do you want to go over that with just me or with my senior staff?” Freja asked.

~Freja Andreassen~

“My two colleagues are working to have a meeting with some of your other staff for a more focused briefing to their expertise. My hope was to discuss things with your senior people - counselor, executive officer that are specific to help you understand the region and situation. That is not to say that some of the information will not overlap here - the individual meetings are more to allow focus in the particular disciplines.”
- Mason Larden

“My Counselor is also my Chief of Security, so I imagine he’ll already be partaking in that meeting?” Freja asked, “If so, Commander Harris and I can meet with you in my ready room right away. If you’d rather he be present, we can do it in the Briefing Lounge which is a bit larger.”

~Freja Andreassen~

“If he is at that meeting then all the better he remain there. We can convene to your ready room,” Mason replied, shifting the thin case from one hand to the other. “You have a very expansive operations center here,” he commented. “Makes a bridge look squalid.”
- Mason Larden

“It took some getting used to, but I quite like it,” Freja nodded, “If you’ll follow me, we’ll head over to the ready room now. Commander Harris, shall we?”

~Freja Andreassen~

“Yes, Captain.” Braxton followed behind the Captain.

Harris, XO

Freja lead the way to her ready room, entering inside, she made her way to her desk, “Have a seat,” she indicated the two chairs in front of the desk, “Can I get you anything?”

~Freja Andreassen~

Mason moved to a seat but didn’t immediately sit down but instead worked at his small case and opened it. It opened up into a kind of data screen. Once had things fired up he sat. “No, thank you, Captain. I ate well this morning.”

He paused before beginning. “What I’m about to say is .. sensitive. I’d use classified however that is more in your language. After the Dominion War there was a study done on ship construction and how they fared during combat. Some of the earlier ships for example that had been recommissioned for the war actually fared better than some of the newer ships in sustaining physical damage. That was, in experimentation, found to be that replicated metal was not as durable over time than forged metal. This was the case over much that was replicated, even clothing. It was not noticed particularly as it took significant stressors such as disruptor or other fire to break down the subatomic structure of the metal. Thus, in the recent decade Starfleet has been seeking out natural resources for their hull construction. Hence, areas such as Plouton 9 is significant.”
Mason Larden

“Are you asking us to scan and test for natural resources related to this project?”

Harris, XO

Mason shook his head. “No, planetary surveys have been done in the edges of the Scar and three mining operations have been established. Plouton 9 is just one of them. That is not to say that should you venture farther out that stellar surveys are not welcome. That was part of the Shogun’s orders from Starfleet, apart from patrol and escort duty. Outside the Cloud is a transfer station. It is a small station on a free asteroid where the refined ore is transferred to larger, more interstellar craft. The Shogun escorted these convoys out to protect them from Groyim pirates who prey along the flight corridors in the Cloud between the Station and Plouton 9.”

Freja leaned back in her chair, waiting for Mason to respond to her XO. It was a rather interesting discovery to be sure, she suspected this likely was related to everything they were being sent to investigate as well. She filed that nugget of information away for the time being, waiting for Mason to proceed.

~Freja Andreassen~

“The murder is the principle trouble. There are few security resources at the mine even though the mine itself employs workers with .. varying reputations. The concern is that of the the situation on Plouton 9. There are two principle races there. The Cree and the Rill. One is dominant, Insectoid and a hive mind. The other is mammalian. You will meet the ambassadors of each at the mine. The Magnus position is that we do not trust either of them. Starfleet on the other hand has attempted to further diplomatic relations.”
Mason Larden
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