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The tricorder showed that there was a great deal of data stored in that buffer. By the look of it in general Sutret and Foster could tell none was organic but more simple compounds aka non organic. Technically speaking, there was the computer display on the side of the beast that may answer some of the questions. The unit itself packed a punch on power, though, equaling the fusion impulse engine on a standard shuttle.
- Wookiee

“Well Cadet, thank goodness we have the technology!” Koria exclaimed with a chuckle.

Studying her tricorder once more, it looked like whatever in it was inorganic, but she couldn’t tell anymore.

“What do you say we toss caution to the wind, and see if the simple approach might work.” Reaching up, Koria tapped on the side console to see if she could get it to respond.

Lt Sutret - CE

=^= Harris to Chief, status update.=^=


=^= The ship is ready to go Commander. We are just checking out some of the latest cargo. =^= Koria said as she waited for the screen to respond.

The screen flared to life at the touch of the console. Evidently linked to some form of database and scanner that for a moment flared across Sutret’s face, a scrolling set of data passing to quickly to read, followed by Sutret’s name blinking for a couple seconds before disappearing. What remained was a LCARS display showing a list of replicator patterns to choose from - such things nestled within broader folder groupings.
- Wookiee

“A giant replicator?” Cadet Foster asked the CE, after turning in her direction. It was a treat for Nicholas to even participate in this since he’d normally prioritize in starship systems, navigation, and engines. Something told him that he’d be ahead of the game once the ship’s assignment had been completed.


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“It sure looks like it. Facial recognition that seems to be tied back to the Starfleet database. I mean these were coming to the Chimera, but to load in the crews biometrics for a delivery mission? It is an interesting choice. Let’s see what these patterns are for though. Maybe it will give us some ideas oh what these are for.”

Reaching up she started reading down the list of folders. Picking one at random, she tapped into it to see the patterns that were in there.

Lt Sutret - CE

“Would it be possible to store a person’s pattern in there, Lieutenant?” Cadet Foster asked, realizing the possibilities that the container could hold. While it was a replicator, the fact that it help the crews biometrics made him wonder its intentions.


By the look of the details it was not meant for biological patterns. Sutret, after a bit more of a scan, would determine it acted more like a bulk transporter. It was programmed with thousands of optional patterns from LCARS consoles to stem bolts to support beams. It appeared that it was only the amount of energy that was the limiting factor. In short, with these the ship didn’t have to ‘store’ items throughout but so long as these were working they’d manage to get what parts they needed to repair and supply the ship.
- Wookiee

“A nice replacement for a machine shop, Lieutenant?” Cadet Foster asked, seeing that this transporter held the patterns to almost everything a starship would need to replace after awhile.

Cadet Foster

Koria stepped back and looked puzzled at the container. “It is, but the question is why…” she trailed off as she looked over at one of the other containers. Looking down at her tricorder, she scanned through some of the patterns.

Moving over to another one of the containers, she activated the console on that one, to see if it had a similar set of patterns loaded into it.

“It almost makes me think of a giant industrial replicator, but with an included power supply. But why include the power supply? I’d keep the power supply separate so it is more modular. But I wonder if each of these have the same patterns loaded. Why don’t you try one of the other ones Cadet.”

Lt Sutret - CE

Nicholas had the same thought as the Chief as he moved over to the last container. Taking out his tricorder, the Cadet began to scan the container hopefully to conclude it was the same as the first one. There were a few good reasons it would be set up as it was, especially if each container was meant to act as a fail-safe. Though the included power supply could debunk that theory, especially if each container held different patterns.

Cadet Foster

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