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Posted Jan. 7, 2021, 1:57 a.m. by Ensign Alexander Slayer (Scientist) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Lieutenant Rebecca Morrison (Chief Science Officer) in Side sim - DH Check in

Posted by Ensign Alexander Slayer (Scientist) in Side sim - DH Check in

Posted by Lieutenant Rebecca Morrison (Chief Science Officer) in Side sim - DH Check in
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As Alexander just leaves medical he then heads to the science lab so he can go and do his check in with his DH. After a very long trip of him just getting on board and from medical, he’s ready for a rest after he checks in.

He then walks in the science lab and then he stops at her door and knocks.

He was standing there completely unsure if the dh would accept him or not but he’s ready to do anything.

Ensign Alexander Slayer

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Rebecca looked up, “Come on in. Good afternoon, Ensign Slayer.” She smiled and stood up, coming around the desk with her hand out to shake his. “I’m glad to finally get you here. Everything go all right with your check ins, so far?”

She nodded to the chair by the desk for him to sit in. “Would you like something to drink?”


“Yes ma’am. That would be approved for me. Earl grey.” As he replied.

Ensign Slayer

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Rebecca laughed. “A man after my own heart! Perfect!” She moved to the replicator and ordered up two teas. Setting them on a clear tray, she added milk and sugar and brought it over to set on the edge of her desk where he could reach it. Pouring a touch of milk in her own, she then settled back into her seat. Giving him a moment to settle in, she smiled. “So tell me what made you choose to come to the dark edges of space to study science?”

So many folks had different answers. It was always a look into those she worked with when she found out what would take them away from terra firma and into the unknown… to study the unknown.


“Thanks you ma’am. Well ma’am. I uh decided to be with science cause it always fasinated me. Like seriously. Who wouldnt want to join with the science department it’s a fascinating thing if you’re in starfleet.” As he started to accidentally blushing towards the CSO and just realizing that feelings isnt a Vulcan way. He then stated, “On top of that it’s only logical that you need a Vulcan like me” he then said.

Alexander Slayer

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