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Sung-ho stood at Rebecca’s entrance and bowed. “Welcome Lt Morrison.” He glanced at her cup. “Please. May I refresh your tea?”

As the two settled, he said, “I am to give you a briefing on what you will find at Plouton 9 Station and what you, as science professionals, will need to know in order to prepare your people. There are certain medical .. issues there that need to be mitigated.”
- Sung-ho

“Thank you,” Rebecca nodded and moved forward to accept the tea and settle in one of the vacant seats. She decided not to spout of her own knowledge, but wait and see what had brought them together. “Doctor Ryley, a pleasure as always.” She smiled and nodded to him as well and set her PaDD to record as she took a sip of the tea and nodded in approval.


Ryley raised his eyebrows and nodded his head at her. ”What sort of medical issues?”

“I will begin,” Sung-ho said after everyone was settled. Opening up his case he took out two vials that contained a reddish fluid. “Plouton 9 is not toxic to most persons, though there are deleterious effects that the atmosphere has to many humanoid species. Studies have been conducted that blood type, planet of origin, and even gender has a part to play. The principal effect is that of a narcotic influence upon a person not regularly vaccinated against it. Everyone going down to the world and region will need to be so fortified.”
- Sung-ho

Ryley tilted his head as he listened, his eyes flickered from the vials to the speaker then back again twice.


“Workers are stringently chosen on the basis of their blood type,” Sung-ho continued. “Human blood type B provides an immunity to the influence. We are still not sure why. Those with an O variant are particularly susceptible. Vulcans do not have a vaccine option and are typically resistant, however, there is noted examples where they go into early pon farr due to it. It is applied monthly and is part of the corporate rules that invite dismissal if neglected. The effects are such that it invites suggestion. We believe it is an evolutionary phenomenon that developed with the Cree to lure in prey. However, in this age, we are more concerned with corporate secrets and abuse than being devoured.” He paused there, a bit quickly.
- Sung-ho

Listening carefully the doctor considered. “You said gender has a part to play? Have you found Male or female employees are more easily affected?” He asked.


“It is much like a drug induced intoxication that may include hallucinations. Females are more susceptible to hallucinations, though males are prone to greater intoxicating elements and that appears to be based on the testosterone and estrogen levels of the person. However, blood type can modify the intensity of the effects as well.

Becca caught his words and sudden stop. “And what do you mean about fear of being devoured?” While she had understood the need for the vaccine in a world where atmosphere played a part in negative effects, she was lost as to why being devoured had been a fear but no longer was. Contained or eliminated were the two choices she expected to come from the man’s mouth. Eliminated was one thing, contained was a whole other bottle to stopper.

“The Cree are not unlike .. spiders and are carnivorous. Occasionally a worker goes missing and the rumor abounds that they have become .. lunch. Typically it is found to be an accident in the wild or the lake. Fishing is a popular sport there.”

She also reached for one of the vials, hoping he would hand it to her, as she pulled her ever present scanner from her hip. She wasn’t going to let the crew take it blindly without know affects, side affects and makeup of the vial. “May I?”


“Of course. Please do.” The contents were benign. The scanner would be able to tell that it’s primary effect would be that of a sedative. Becca would need to run a more detailed analysis with the ships’ systems to break it down further.
- Wookiee

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