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Posted by Lieutenant Koria Sutret (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Cargo Bay

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“Cadet?” Koria asked again as she looked back around the corner of her container. Now where had Cadet Foster gone…

Lt Sutret - CE

“Getting the same readings here, Chief.” Cadet Foster called out after carefully looking over the tricoder readings. “I guess the only question is why we need the industrial replicators?” Nicholas asked.

Cadet Foster

There was a notation that one of them would find in the documentation file that these were backup units. Four were slated for Plouton 9 mining facility and three each for two of the other facilites. Two were to remain with the Chimera.”
- Wookiee

“Looks like these do have a destination, Lieutenant.” Cadet Foster announced. Nicholas pulled up the documentation file and transferred it to his PaDD. “Two of these are staying aboard the ship.”


“Wait, two are staying here on the Chimera?” Koria asked as she walked over towards Foster. Looking over his shoulder at the PaDD she wondered what the reasoning was for.

“And why did no one tell me? You think something like this they would have at least given me a heads up about. These are definitely unique, and I could see coming in handy in case of a catastrophic failure.” She pondered, even if she didn’t agree with their design.

Lt Sutret - CE

On the manifest it was listed only like any other bit of cargo was, almost as though it was like another bucket of stem bolts. It was not listed as a kind of special cargo or unit. But it did have MK1 on the end of its designation so was a first generation unit. Maybe something for engineers to play with further.
- Wookiee

“Hmm…” Koria said as she looked over the manifest. “I still don’t understand why anyone would have just delivered this to the Chimera without making a bigger deal. I’m seeing a Mark 1 designation, so you’d think someone would want to show off their new toy. But maybe it’s something for us to investigate later on ways we can improve it…”

As she regained her train of thought, Koria closed out the manifest. For now though, she had her answers on what was down here in the cargo bay. Maybe they would have a chance to use these new devices on one of their upcoming missions.

“Well Cadet, I think we got what we need for now. We should probably head back to Engineering and making sure everything is stowed so we can get out of here. Anything else you want to look at?”

Lt Sutret - CE

“I’m still questioning why they’d send these to us instead of Starfleet R&D, but I’m sure we’ll find that out soon enough.” Cadet Foster moved from the replicators and towards the Chief Engineer. “There’s not much we can do with these now, so we might as well make sure everything else is in order.”


“Hopefully they will tell us one of these days Cadet, but that is just one of the mysteries of the fleet. In the meantime though, I could use a cup of coffee. Let’s head by the mess hall on the way back to Engineering.”

Lt Sutret - CE

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