Side SIM: Marine Commander checking in with CoS

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Posted by Lieutenant Colonel Muhjon “Jon” Vamuhn (Battalion Commander) in Side SIM: Marine Commander checking in with CoS

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ella Lokaa (Chief of Security) in Side SIM: Marine Commander checking in with CoS
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Jon knew he would have to work with the ships security team occasionally and wanted things to run smoothly so he decided to take the initiative and go talk to the CoS. He didn’t know who he or she was but this was for the best. Coming around the corner he found the Security area where the Brig was and offices. Finding the CoS office he pressed the chime.

Lt. Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn, Marine Battalion Commander

From behind the Colonel there were some whispers as some of the security officer witnessed the Marine Commander enter and go straight to her office. None of them of course said anything loud enough to be heard but it would probably give him the feel of being watched. The officers always got a kick out of people when they first saw their chief, the way they stood int he doorway sometimes even with their mouth agape. For the sake of all the woman on board it was lucky Ella had her career firmly first and hadn’t shown any interest in relationships despite some of the lesser highly self esteemed security officers trying it with her.

Ella looked up, the door opened since she never looked it anyway and encouraged an open door policy, usually her door was open but she was trying to get this months reports done. “Good Morning sir” She said leaving her chair, she didn’t recognise the man but did understand the rank on his collar a Lieutenant Colonel. “I did’t know we were getting a replacement CAG?” Maybe Lardel forgot to mention it.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, CoS

Jon knew he was being watched and felt comfortable with it. He was used to it since he started commanding groups as a Captain. The muscular Trill was wearing his Dress Uniform since he wanted to make a statement while meeting with various departments.

He almost laughed but caught himself and in a very calm and even tone, one that a person might not realize would come from him. “No ma’am. I’m the Battalion Commander.” Looking at her still he realized that she might not know the term. “I’m the guy whom is in charge of all marines, overall. I haven’t met the CAG yet but when I do, I’ll relay what we talk about here. The CAG is in charge of the Air and Space and is also tasked with providing us rides to the surface via drop Transports. I do have a say in how and where said fighters get utilized and deployed, but since I’m a ground pounder and not a pilot, the CAG will be more effective at running his or her own flights.”

It made sense now, why he was here though she had figured Lardel put in a good word for her but it was even better the Colonel came to find her, it mean she wouldn’t have to do it later. Ella didn’t get to say this much because she never really liked to think about it but the man, and that’s what he certainly was, handsome and rather intimidating though his facial expressions and the way he spoke were warm and friendly. Fortunately for her Elasians didn’t blush not like Humans did.

Stepping into her office and bending over slightly to get inside he stored in front of her desk and put out his hand. “I am Lieutenant Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn. I can go by Colonel
or Jon if it’s easier for you. I arrived yesterday. I came here to try to establish a positive relationship between you, as Security and us, as Marines. I wanted to see if you’re up to coordinating training between our two departments as to work more effectively and efficiently in the future. Are you up to talking?”

Lt. Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn, Battalion Commander

She took his hand, which utterly dwarfed her own and shook, making sure hers was as firm as hers to avoid the limp fish shake. “Thats perfect, I’m free now if you’d like. I tend to have an open door policy anyway and its good you came it seems great minds think alike when it comes interdepartmental training.” She smiled dropping her hand but indicating a seat, “Take a seat Jon, what did you have in mind?”

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa

“Thank you Kindly miss.” He said as he sat down. “Oh. do you have a replicator in here? If so, I would like a cup of hot coffee with two creams and two sugars please and if you don’t mind? I haven’t even found my own office yet and am thirsty.”

“Oh sorry how rude of me” She jumped up and walked over to the replicator ordering two cups off coffee both with two creams and two sugars. Once they appeared in the alcove she moved back to the desk and set the colonels down in front of him and sat back down taking a sip. “So down to business?” She asked crossing her legs and resting her arm holding her coffee on it.

“Thank you for the coffee.”

“I want our two groups working as one giant one. We will of course be separate like we are but when the times get rough, then we will be one big cohesive unit working as one. One: I would like to start by you coming over and watching us do fire drills. Two: Then I want to see how your people shoot. Three: I want to help train your people in more basic firearm instructions and then more advance drills, like my people. Four: I want to have your people train with us when we do landing drills and formation or Infantry tactics and drills. Five: I want some of your people to become CLS certified or Combat Medic Certified. They will carry an additional bag with medical equipment and they will be instrumental in aiding and helping the actual medics on the battlefield. Are you with me so far?”

She nodded, “I mean honestly I hadn’t expected half of what you’re proposing I’d have been happy with a departmental volleyball competition and some joint training what you’re offering is a perfect blend of well everything’” Ella wasn’t going to take that away from him, he certainly knew how to make an impression, and she was very impressed.

“That will not fly. Everyone knows that the best volleyball players are the Navy........Ice!” He hissed and chuckled. Then went back to talking.

“But do not worry miss. This is not a one sided Conversation. Six: I want my people to do shift rotations with your people so my people can get to know the ship better. Your people will be in charge, regardless of the rank because your people will know what to do and how to do it not to mention knowing all of the proper procedures and protocols. Seven: Your people will train my people in class and on the job training to be agumentee’s meaning that if you need personnel to help fill a crisis, then you will not only have your backup but you will have trained backup. Is this ok with you and do you have anything to add miss?”

Lt. Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn, Battalion Commander

Ella had placed her coffee cup on the table her mouth somewhat agape, “How do your marines feel about that? I always believed that using them for duty shifts was a little frowned upon” She thought thinking back to her conversation with Lardel maybe the ground pounders and cloud punchers were to different breeds of marine she thought. “I mean if I’m honest I’m genuinely happy with everything you’ve suggest and you’ve not left much room for imagination, you’ve covered everything I think.” if she couldn’t have been any more impressed she was now.

  • Lt Ella Lokaa, CoS

“Well the Marines are under my command. They will do as they are told, especially if they want to stay alive in a situation or crisis, which I am certain you and your people do as well. You will only be using Marines from my command you lady. The 29th Marine Battalion is at your disposal. The pilots and the Marines attached to them all belong to the CAG and he runs that Detachment. Now Where do you want to start? Actually, we do formation at the beginning and ending of every shift. The beginning is a two hour physical training class and if need be at the end of the day, another hour. Would you and your people like to attend? You can at any time.” He took a sip of his coffee and smiled and then had a thought. “Oh. I know Fleet personnel are trained in basic hand to hand and your security staff is trained in the same thing, just a little more in depth. How would you like weekly Martial Art lessons?” He took a long sip of the coffee now and finally noticed how pretty and how young she was.

Lt. Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn, 29th Marine Battalion Commander

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