Senior Staff monthly meeting- Side Sim

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OOC: this takes place just before we got the call to assist Plouton mining facility. Also a good opportunity for the senior staff to meet the new members on board.

Braxton had two pitchers of water filled and waited for his staff to show up. He fiddled with his PaDD as a way to pass the time.

Harris, XO

Bright eyed and bushy tailed like a Caitian going to the summer ball Ella bounced into the room, well not quite literally but someone could see she was in a good mood. “Commander” She said with a nod and smile, her good mood was in part due to how well she was settling in but also the recent conversation with the new Battalion Commander. It had filled her with confidence that the Chimera was exactly where she needed to be. “How are you doing sir?” She asked taking a seat.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, CoS

After she asked the Commander how he was doing, Jon walked into the room wearing his freshly pressed field uniform, complete with unit and combat patches along with his school patches, like HALO/HAHO, ParaTrooper, Pathfinder, RECON, etc.. His boots were glassy and highly polished and he did it by hand. He walked right to the water and poured a glass and handed it to Ella and while smiling and in a pleasant tone said, “Miss Lokaa. Here you go and good morning ma’am.” He poured another one and handed it to the Commander. In a professional tone that did not waiver said, “Here you go sir. I see you are a Commander and you look like the Executive Officer of this vessel from your profile I was given before I got here. How are you doing? I am Lt. Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn, 29th Marine Battalion Commander.” He put his hand out to shake.

After that was done he poured himself a glass of water and went to sit opposite of Lokaa. But before he sat he looked at the Commander. “Commander Harris. Permission to sit sir?”

Lt. Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn, 29th Marine Battalion Commander

Ryley detested meetings. Meetings in general were seldom interesting but the sort of update, get to know your fellow man or crew evaluation meetings were worse. Yet despite this he had found himself shooed out of sickbay when he had attempted to use the treatment of a medical matter on an NE as an excuse to miss this one. He really did need to swap Nurse Bailey onto a different duty shift. She had even insisted he put his teal lab coat on over his dark trousers and shirt. The nerve.

It was with the duty roster in mind, swapping personnel back and forth mentally to see if there was a better balance that he entered. He knew there wasn’t and he huffed a slight sigh as he made his way to the nearest chair and sank into it, hooking the handle of his cane onto the table for safe keeping. He looked around those who were present.

“Morning.” He said because that was the thing you did,


Koria came walking in, carrying her own large cup of coffee in her hands. She made her way over to the table and took her own seat. “How is everyone today?”

She nodded towards Ella before taking a sip of her coffee.

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