Plouton 9 Mining Station

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It was not too many days later that they passed the NeXus Transfer Station that looked more akin to a cross between the mythological tale of ‘Star Wars’ and something called a Death Star and an even more ancient marine mine .. a mottled dark skinned station that bore stumpy spikes about its body that doubled as docking platforms. A equatorial canyon sported platforms for smaller vessels and the docking for mining cargo transports. Here and there lights dotted its surface, but the overall impression was that of a dark space mine hovering in the equally dark space about them where there was no system or planets nearby.

A convoy of mining vessels was waiting for them and, indeed had started out even before the Chimera had arrived. It’s speed was easily matched and, on a terse communication found that they were waiting for the Chimera per Starfleet for an escort through the Scar corridors to Plouton 9. These cargo vessels were mostly empty but for a mining crew switch and supplies. As they traveled through the corridor .. a strangely cylindrical corridor that was free of the ‘star stuff’ of the nebula, they looked not unlike an old wagon train to the stars. Days later at a modest warp 3, they arrived at the system, and station.

Plouton 9 was a moon of a lumpy gas giant where the moon hovered not far above a series of rings. Gravity ‘tugged’ the stuff of the rings up toward and close to the moon which, itself was almost earth like in size. 80% the size of the earth but denser made it’s relative gravity almost earth normal. The atmosphere was a swirling mass of dusty brown clouds. Through them one could see land masses and small seas of a mud like color but registered on the sensors as regular water. A magnification of the land masses showed a large amount of forested land, much of which was covered in tufts of fine grey substance. The space around the moon was busy. Four processing stations could be seen. Two were evidently of Starfleet origin while the other two were distinctly alien in their appearance. Beyond starfleet transports and ore carriers that dotted space about the planet and near the stations, there were again distinctly alien vessels - ones that were tubular, each end pointed with a kind of snowflake fan emanating out from its mid point, and another that was thin and angular - not unlike a Ferengi ship but only a few decks deep and curved forward in an angry bat’leth like claw shape.

A transmission came almost immediately. =^= Plouton Station to Starfleet vessel. You are a sight for sore sensors. =^= The voice was female and sounding gravely not unlike Kim Carnes. =^= Welcome to the Scar. I’m Jane Hardiman, manager of this facility. =^=
- Wookiee

OOC: I glossed over a fair bit, some of which science might be of particular interest in, as well as others .. but wanted to get us to the station to allow everyone to be involved.

=^=Plouton Station, this is the USS Chimera, I’m Captain Freja Andreassen. Thank you for the welcome.=^= Freja responded from her chair on the bridge.

~Freja Andreassen~

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Lardel heard the comms in the cockpit of his Templar fighter. Using the fighter group frequency, he said =/\= Hannibal to Bravo flight. Commence landing and staging operations. =/\= He then radioed the Chimera bridge. =/\= Chimera, Bravo flight leader. Request permission to dock and refuel. Put the coffee on, we’re coming back. =/\=

Lardel, CAG

Koria sat back in her seat at the engineering station on the bridge as the Chimera came towards the planet. She pushed down her curiosity of what was all out there, with the wide mix of alien architecture, for now at least. First, the mission at hand. Then she could have time to explore.

Lt Sutret - CE

Jane replied =^= Captain Andreassen. We have a lot of people who are expecting you and a backlog of transports to go out. I hope you’re all ready for some action. =^= There was a pause. =^= That and the investigation. I am transmitting beam down coordinates to the administration facility. It is in a covered space just outside the facility. It’s fall here and raining. =^=
- Jane Hardiman

=^=We’re ready to get right to work, my XO will be leading the murder investigation, together with security and I’ll be trying to figure out what happened to the Shogun, so you just let us know where you need us most and I’ll coordinate with my crew to make it happen.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Jane paused before speaking. Whether this made her uncomfortable or not it may have come out with just a tension in her stance. She was wearing a civilian attire, not Starfleet. =^= We would welcome your counselor to have a look at Terrence. Medical or any egg heads, sorry, scientists, as well if you can spare them. There are some .. anomalies and we don’t know if it’s a reaction to the hypo or what it is. I know we have a crew chomping at the bit to get back to the transfer station with ore. There have been some issues with buoys along that way that your folks put up that might need a look see if there’s an engineer to spare. Our boys might welcome a little extra with security presence not to mention helping with the investigation. Really, Captain, this is a mining complex. We could keep your boys busy for a year. Oh, wait, you have some equipment for us I believe in your hold. =^=
- Jane Hardiman

“Yes we do Captain. They are some sort of industrial replicator that we found in our hold. We also have two that are slated for us to keep,” Koria said speaking up.

Lt Sutret - CE

Braxton had showed up with a two man security group. “If someone can direct us to cargo hold, I’d like to begin my investigation immediately.”

Harris, XO

Seeing the XO arrive Ella looked to him and then relived her duty of the station to the standing-by ensign. “I will accompany if that is Ok Commander.” As Chief of Security, her job wasn’t just to throw people in the brig and shoot weapons despite some peoples misconceptions but to be able to conduct thorough, impartial and professional investigations when and where needed, she actually liked that part of her job.

“Sutret, I’ll leave you to ensure the proper transfer of any equipment, you know best what we might need to hang onto,” Freja replied with a nod, =^=I’ll have my CE coordinate with you to figure out what you can use and what we can spare. As for the Shogun, I’d like to start with any sensor data you have around the time you last heard from the ship.=^=

~Freja Andreassen~

Koria nodded as she sat back slightly in her seat. For now she would wait until the Captain was done, so she could reach out to the station.

Lt Sutret - CE

=^= I trust all are inoculated for the planet’s surface unless your away team has the B blood type? =^= Jane commented. =^= We will share what we have on the Shogun, Captain. =^=

The turbolift doors opened and the CAG walked in in his flight suit, helmet under his arm. He stood off to the side and said to the XO quietly. “All wings are redocked and refueling. We’ll be ready for escort duty in twenty minutes, sir.”

Lardel, CAG

=^=I will double check with medical on that of course, before we beam anyone down, I’m sure it’s been handled though,=^= Freja replied.

~Freja Andreassen~

  • Lieutenant JG Ella Lokaa

Braxton nodded in approval “absolutely Lieutenant. This is however under your jurisdiction. I need your expertise on matters like these.” Braxton was confident to take a step back and see how his Security Chief handled the investigation.

Harris, XO

She smiled glad the XO received her suggestion well and even willing to let her take lead. She moved from her position behind the console and motioned to the command and the security team “Shall we sir?” She didn’t mind also relenting some of her command and control to him and gave him the opportunity to lead them to the cargo hold. Ella was looking forward to brushing of her investigatory cobwebs.

  • Lt JG. Ella Lokaa

“After you Lieutenant. So what we are looking at is that the Sheriff of this station was found dead from a bludgeoning to the head inside a cargo hold. They have one person of interest in custody as we speak. I say we start there first, then once we’re satisfied with all the information gathered. We’ll question the POI. What do you think Lieutenant?”

Harris, XO

Ella nodded, “What would you say to checking the location first? I would like to get an idea of the area in question before speaking to people of interest. I have no doubt the station security are very good at their job but I would like to treat this a close to real-time as possible and before we have a suspect checking the scene would give us some clues. We can also use it when questioning the suspect, see if they know the area even if they lie and say they’d not know their body language may give them away.” Maybe some fresh eyes will reveal some new evidence that could further incriminate who they have in custody or prove their innocence.”

  • Lt JG. Ella Lokaa

Braxton nodded “I agree as well.”

Harris, XO

So we have potential threads here to begin ..
1. Security investigation into the murder
2. Medical check in with their infirmary again related to the murder.
3. Counselor/other to interview the deputy and/or others.
4. Engineering to dispense the replicator units which will of course lead to more
5. Marines/Pilots to escort a convoy back out to the transfer station
6. Science can either look at this new funky planet or look into these ‘corridors’ seemingly hewn out of the nebula
7. Command can accompany any of these above, meet the administrator and race ambassadors etc

Feel free, on your individual departments to open a line to the people you are going to be working with - if you don’t know the name, just inquire to the administrator or open a channel to the particular area. If you want to go ‘down’ to the mine then gather your party and go for it.
- Wookiee

Starting the Escort of the convoy thread.


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