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Posted March 1, 2021, 12:09 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Braxton Harris (Executive Officer) (AJ Paulson)

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Chris had found himself a desk in the security office but hoped he wouldn’t have to be there for long. Investigations hadn’t been his strongest area during training but meeting with Lieutenant Junior Grade Lokaa had left him wanting to brush up in some of his weaker spots. It seemed to Chris that she was looking for her department to be proactive and the ship’s current orders to investigate a murder were just the opportunity to do that.

He scrolled through a PaDD loaded with investigatory and forensic manuals, not particularly taking anything in as his eyes scanned the screen, but feeling reassured by the action anyway.

=/\=Francis to Lieutenant Lokaa,=/\= he started, tapping his comm badge. =/\=Ma’am, would you appreciate another hand on this mining station investigation? I’m keen and available if so.=/\=

Ensign Christopher Francis - Security

=^=Ensign meet me and the Executive commander in the Cargo bay and bring the forensic equipment, were going to conduct an impartial investigation before interviewing the witnesses.=^= Came to the quick response, she was grateful for his forward thinking. She turned back to the Commander as they stepped through the Cargo-bay doors. “Ok, let’s see what we have for ourselves.” For the moment she walked around the room getting a feel for it and the crime scene indicators which had already been dotted about whilst she waited for the forensic equipment to arrive.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa

Braxton followed closely behind and watched intently as his security detail starting investigating the scene.

Harris, XO

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