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Posted March 2, 2021, 9:34 a.m. by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Gamemaster) (Gene Gibbs)

Posted by Lieutenant Koria Sutret (Chief Engineer) in Main Simm - Main Engineering
After everything had settled on the bridge, Koria made her way straight down to engineering. It would give her a chance to talk with the team on the planet, without getting in the way of all the other discussions happening on the bridge.

Stepping into her office she opened a channel to the administrator, and waited for them to respond.

Lt Sutret - CE

It took a short while before there was a connection was made. =^= Hardiman =^= She said while pulling her hair back but then shaking it out again. =^= Lt Sutret. How may I be of assistance? I’m patching you through to a conference call with my Maintenance engineer, Walter Niven. One moment … =^= .. she stabbed at some buttons, frowning. =^= There we go. They updated the comms software and nothing is in the same place. =^= The screen split revealing an older, thin bald man with prominent cheekbones and sunken eyes.

=^= Walter, this is Lt Sutret of the new Federation ship. Any coordination should go through you as well so am patching you into this as well. =^=

Walter’s voice was thin and he looked past 70. =^= How can I help, Administrator? Lieutenant Sutret is it? =^=

Jane and Walter

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