Bridge - Reviewing Sensor Data To Find The Shogun

Posted March 2, 2021, 10:19 a.m. by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Gamemaster) (Gene Gibbs)

Posted by Captain Freja Andreassen (Commanding Officer) in Bridge - Reviewing Sensor Data To Find The Shogun
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After seeing the rest of her crew to their assigned duties for the mission, Freja noticed they had received the sensor data for the time and location of the Shogun’s disappearance.

The Shogun’s last communication log that had been recorded was as follows. =^= Hirohito log, Supplemental. We are following a trail of bread crumbs left from a damaged freighter that pirates had towed away. They were leaking deuterium which our sensors were able to pick up and my science officer is hopeful that we can continue to follow this once we leave the Corridor. It is not a hot trail but it is something and perhaps will lead us to where the pirates have a lair. For reference, the deuterium trail we have spotted along with some debris from a Katelian nacelle severed in a battle is less than a parsec from the Durelliac dog leg. =^=

She also pulled any available intelligence reports she had access to with respect to pirate activity in the sector, if that came up empty, she could see if one of her contacts at intelligence was willing to cash in a favor.

~Freja Andreassen~

The only real data had been compiled from the Shogun that their security chief had compiled. It showed a map of the corridors with dots indicating pirate activity along with dates. There were a fair number which included dates and regions that preceded the Shogun’s arrival and evidently added to from their investigations.
- Wookiee

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