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Posted by Major Krin “Hannibal” Lardel (Commander Air Group (CAG)) in Main Sim - Escorts… or Bait? (Tag MBattCO)
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Lardel reviewed his plans and nodded in satisfaction. He then pressed the comms and said =/\= CAG to Battlion CO. Please come to my office asap, Colonel. I have a game I think you might like to play. =/\=

Lardel, CAG

Jon heard the call in his office and pressed his badge. =/\= On my way. =/\= A few minutes later the Colonel walked into the CAG’s area and knocked.

Vamuhn, Marine Battalion Commander

The door was, as usual for the CAG’s office, open and the Zakdorn looked up from his desk and saw the Battalion CO. Standing up and going to parade rest, he said “Colonel. Thank you for coming.” and he gestured to one of the chairs in front of the desk. “Coffee, sir?” and he turned to the small table behind the desk and the pot of real coffee sitting there.

OOC! Lol! Real coffee!
IC: “At ease. Thank you and yes I would like a cup of joe.” He said while taking a seat.

After retrieving mugs and setting them on the desk, Lardel sat and looked at the Lieutenant Colonel. “I have an upcoming operation escorting the convoy to the transfer station. I have an operational plan in place, after having received some… let’s just call them ‘special requests’… from one of the Corporation representatives. Seems they have a problem with pirates hijacking cargo ships. My original intent was to simply scare them off for the duration of our stay… but your arrival has opened up a source of new possibilities.” and he took a drink of his coffee.

“I was wondering if you and your Marines would like to be the hook inside the bait on my fishing trip?”

Lardel, CAG

After taking a few moments to ponder and having a couple sips he turned his head to look at the CAG. “Interesting. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then instead of scaring them off and having to deal with them time and time again, not to mention others that travel these parts...... we can simply eradicate them all....” He rubbed his cleanly shaved chin a bit. “We’ll do it. This will give my men a chance to stretch their legs, make the Marines and Starfleet look good in the eyes of everyone else, a chance for you and I to finely hone our trades, and to work together. Do you have any Intel about the pirates?” He said taking a long sip of his coffee. “This is really good by the way.”

Lt Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn 29th Marine Battalion Commander

“I get it from the Commandant’s office.” Lardel said with a slight smile. “As far as ‘eradicate’ goes, I think that may be too strong a term. I am anticipating less than 10% casualties on their part. If it goes as planned, we should be able to take most of the pirate personnel into custody and turn them, and their ships, over to Starfleet. The pirates are not combatants, after all. So their disposition would fall under Fleet, not us. But as Fleet’s resources are thin in the area, and we have been asked for assistance directly, I see no reason we shouldn’t… as you said… ‘stretch our legs’.”

Lardel stood and motioned the other officer to the large view screen. He also pressed a button the desk and the door slid closed and locked and the window looking over the flight deck went opaque.

Walking over to the view screen, pulled up a overview of the region known as ‘The Cloud’. “This is the area of operations. Convoys go through corridors in area from point to point. While they do shift and change, buoy systems move with it to communicate the ‘map’ ahead.” Maneuverability is problematic, and the pirates take advantage. So they need protection. The Shogun, the missing vessel, used to do this and with its disappearance it fallst to my group to fill in that gap of escorting the convoy to the transfer station just beyond the Cloud. So… since transportation within the cloud is limited to a series of corridors with lighter stellar dust concentrations, the region naturally has pirates lurking mainly in the ‘crossroads’ where the corridors make a turn and the ships need to come out of warp and make course adjustments. They are called the ‘Groyim’, a people who live farther within the Cloud.”

“The region called the Scar is a place that has its own unique .. culture. Apart from those on Plouton 9, there are a half dozen other star systems that are not unlike old City States in structure. The pirates all are elements of each of these. Most of the vessels are equal to the task of preying on transports or small ships. The Shogun outclassed any three of them, and rarely was it noted that more than two allied together. In this case, there is no honor or unity among thieves.”

“There are apparently agreed upon rules of passage in the corridors that every race within the Cloud holds to. As ships pass, shields are up, weapons ports are cold and tubes closed. If that does not happen and a warning message is not heeded they are deemed hostile. That leads to delays in the deployment of force. In Federation space, not an issue… but we are not in Federation space. Typically where the Shogun went ships, even pirate ships, were polite. Without that show of force the pirates have become more brazen.”

“The ships the pirates use are as one would expect… they vary. Intel provided by the Company suggest the biggest are equivalent to a light cruiser. Most are modified craft, some heavily modified. Now, the local systems will offer escorts for important convoys, and keep any immediate corridors in their space watched, but the Shogun was the only ship to actually patrol the grey zones - those outside of the systems’ space but still in the corridors. There are buoys which denote space corridor borders. Anything within them it is polite to communicate that you are there and why but that is it as far as protocol.”

He tapped a few commands on the interface and the routes through the Cloud appeared in red lines twisting and turning through the area. “We have intel on one Luan’kor… the most reputable pirate known. He has a projected ‘fleet’ of three, maybe four ships, but they have only ever been seen in singly or in groups of two. They know it is him because of the black claw painted on the hull of his ships. If he is hunting he will have his light cruiser that has been modified to carry fighters and another of his modified freighters to keep the cargo. None should pose a real threat to my fighters. Crews on board are supposedly at a minimum, but I know how far I trust non-vetted intel. Typical tactics are to wait in the eddies of the corridor walls where sensor hits are not as reliable and strike out from there. Occasionally they will take advantage of the ‘tides’ where some of the space dust making up the cloud drifts through the corridors - not unlike the age old tactic of putting a tree across the road. They are, from all reports, cunning and know their space well. Tactically they have an advantage. We have to nullify that advantage before engaging. And that is where my plan comes in. Please, have a seat.” and he directed the Colonel back to the desk. As they sat, the CAG pressed a button and small panels opened on the walls and sensor hardware became exposed. After a few moments, the panels slid closed. “Sweeping for bugs. OpSec and all, sir.. any questions prior?”

Lardel, CAG

OOC: Awesome synopsis James! .. Gene

=^=Andreassen to Lardel.=^= The Captain’s voice sounded through the comm system.

~Freja Andreassen~

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