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Posted March 9, 2021, 2:27 a.m. by Mar. Captain Idzi Vix (Second in Command, Air Group) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Major Krin “Hannibal” Lardel (Commander Air Group (CAG)) in pre-sim Meeting CAG CO

Posted by Mar. Captain Idzi Vix (Second in Command, Air Group) in pre-sim Meeting CAG CO

Posted by Major Krin “Hannibal” Lardel (Commander Air Group (CAG)) in pre-sim Meeting CAG CO
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Idzi smoothed out her uniform checking it for imperfections. Her uniform was always immaculate but she couldn’t help but double check it. She hadn’t long arrived on the Chimera and was nervous to meet her new CO. She always found it funny after six lifetimes you would think she would of got over nerves by now. As she finished checking her uniform her hands lingered on her captain bars. She had done it she had wanted to be a captain and now she was. It made her smile all the hard work had paid off.

Once she was content with her uniform she made her way to the CO office. Once there she rang the chime and waited to be let in. Of course if the CO wasn’t there then she would have to seek him out. Not that she minded it was a good chance to explore some of the ship.

Marine Captain Idzi Vix (2IC CAG)

“Come in.” came the voice through the half-open door and it slid open the rest of the way.

The office beyond the open door was unique in that it had a window on the right hand side that looked out into another part of the ship… that part being, of course, the flight deck. The desk was set perpendicular to the window so the owner of said desk could look to their left and see out. On the center of the wall facing the door was hung a Marine Corps flag. Below it was a display screen, and facing the screen were about half a dozen chairs: obviously where wing leaders received their briefings and plans were made.

Seated at the desk was a short, stocky figure with close cut dark red hair was looking at his desk display and when he looked up the trademark Zakdorn skin folds were clearly evident. Most un-trademark like, however, was the long scar that ran diagonal across his face; from the center of his forehead, across his right eye, and into his right cheek.

“Captain. What can I do for you?” the Major asked flatly.

Lardel, CAG

Idzi walked in her green eyes scanning the room, Idzi had short brown hair and olive skin she had been lucky and had no visible scars, which considering she has served in some of the most dangerous areas is rather a miracle. Once she was further inside Idzi faced the CO and saluted “Captain Idzi Vix Sir. Reporting for duty as your new 2IC. Here are my transfer orders from the Mercan” she said respectfully handing the Padd to her CO and then remaining at attention.

Mar. Captian Vix (2IC CAG)

Lardel took the PaDD and began to review. “At ease, Captain. Have a seat.” he said as he read the orders. After the orders, he began reviewing her file. There were some red flags, but nothing that would make Hannibal overly concerned. As he read, he said “There is coffee behind me if you want some.”

Idzi nodded got up and got two cups of coffee putting one on Lardels desk, keeping the other with her as she sat back down.

After about ten minutes of reading, Hannibal laid the PaDD down and looked up from the desk. He appraised Vix for a long few moments in silence before speaking.

“Ok. So your record hasn’t been fully transmitted yet, so I need you to fill in some blanks. We’ll start with the easy questions first. So tell me, Captain… why do you think you are qualified to be a member of my team?”

Lardel, CAG

Idzi thought for a moment “To be honest Sir, I should be asking you what you think are the ideal traits or your unit. Do you value by the book rule following officers? or do you prefer officers who are not afraid to bend the rule and be unconventional?.” she asked respectfully “While i may think that my unconventional tactics and the fact I’m not adverse to breaking rules if I have to is a great asset you may disagree. The fact that I will go out of my way and so far, as to draw up a whole new battle plan, if that plan will guarantee far less casualties and I would tell you as such. I see as a good thing you may not.” she added.

“So I respectfully ask what are you looking for in a Marine?” she asked

Mar. Capt Vix (CAG 2ic)

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