21:00 Holodeck 1 with Lt JG Ella Lokaa

Posted March 24, 2021, 7:34 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ella Lokaa (Chief of Security) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Ensign Alexander Slayer (Scientist) in 21:00 Holodeck 1 with Lt JG Ella Lokaa

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ella Lokaa (Chief of Security) in 21:00 Holodeck 1 with Lt JG Ella Lokaa

Posted by Ensign Alexander Slayer (Scientist) in 21:00 Holodeck 1 with Lt JG Ella Lokaa
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As Alexander went to the holodeck he then asked the computer to actually set it as if it was headquarters. Alex then had the computer make it the same with al the personnel that is there but made it so there was a mess hall and a recreation room. Alex was waiting for the Lt. to get there and asked the bartender a drink of Romulan Ale. The bartender got the drink for the ensign and the lonely ensign still sat there.

Ensign Slayer

Ella decided that she would meet the Ensign, another decision she had made was that she would also meet him while she wasn’t in uniform maybe he’d be less nervous if she wasn’t so formal. She had opted for a nice white summer Bishop Sleeve Frill Detail white Blouse, some black denim shorts and a pair of converses which were dirty and worn but as was the look. Atop her head was her ever-present gold head chain and now a pair of sunglasses, she was going for the summer look her favourite time of the Earth Seasons because it was what most replicated the sun of Elas. She entered the holodeck. “Ensign, I mean Alexander” She smiled at him waving. “Sorry I’m late.” Ella sat down next to him, “I’ll have a glass of Elasian Apple Wine please.” She turned to Alex, “Hows your day going?”

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As Alexander heard the holodeck doors open band shut he knew it was Ella knowing that she was a little late but he didn’t mind it. He knew that she was gonna come to the holodeck some point tonight. “Well Ella my day has gone very slowly and everything. Ever since you helped me in the science lab with most of everything earlier, I finished the last bit.” Alex replied. While the two were sitting there having their drinks on the holodeck he did mention “I love the holodeck so much to the point that it recreates the parameters of something and adding something that wasn’t even on the original. It’s nice.” As he sat there drinking his ale. “Ella. I was wondering how your day was being on board for you’re first time.” He then said to Ella. Knowingly that he cares about a lot of people but mostly her.

Alexander Slayer

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Sipping her drink she thought about the question, “Well it went rather splendidly actually after meeting you I got the chance to meet mostly all the department heads a rather productive day if I say so myself though I did almost get crushed in Engineering it seems that place is a bit of a death trap with the way those guys and girls work but they do an amazingly and constantly demanding job.” Ella leaned back a little a little closing her eyes as the bittersweet drink left an amazing taste in her mouth. “What is it you like most about the holodeck?” She asked.

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