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OOC: I thought I’d do this as a bit of Department training but I want to open it to the floor particularly towards our JOs. Use this as an oppitunity to develope your character command skills! (You may recognise the scenario as it unrolls.)

Instructor - Ella Lokaa
Capt - Ensign Christopher Francis
XO -
Tactical 1 -
Tactical 2 -
Science -
Engineering -
Medical -
Helmsman -
Swings -


Ella paced the holodecks fake bridge she hoped her invitation to the crew to conduct some tactical training without the air group as an option for support would be a good idea to develop the ships own capabilities and refine some of the lower-ranked officer command and situational skills. She wouldn’t divulge them in the scenario but she knew they would grasp the situation as it unfolded though she had made some changes.

The bridge itself was identical to the Chimaera and currently brightly lit however the consoles which would usually be used for coordinating the command air group was replaced with a secondary Tactical console, the first controlled the main ships armaments whilst the second controlled the secondary close up support weapons. Ella was wearing her dress uniform to signify she would the instructor during the training and as people were chosen for roles they would be given a change of uniform, even if just a simple holographic trick of the eye.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, CoS

The holodeck doors opened and the security ensign entered to see his chief pacing the deck. Chris was yet to spend much time on the Chimera’s actual bridge, but appreciated the opportunity to put the hours in for some training. This was the aspect of the job he felt most confident in, having left the Advanced Technical School just a few months ago. But he was in no doubt that Lieutenant Junior Grade Lokaa had likely prepared something that would challenge them all.

“Lieutenant Lokaa,” he said in greeting, raising his gaze with a smile as the holodeck doors slid closed behind him. “Where do you want me?” he continued, looking instinctively for a tactical station.

Ensign Christopher Francis - Security

Ella was pleased to see one of her promising Security officers attend the informal and certainly voluntary simulation. “Given that you have arrived first I would ask what role you would like to do, first come first served and all that,” She said smiling checking the chronometer and wondering if the others would be arriving shortly or if Ensign Francis and herself would be dealing with the simulation themselves.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa.

Chris’ eyes had fixed on the tactical stations but with the Lieutenant’s invitation he had second thoughts. “Well, if it’s all my choice maybe I’ll see how one of these command chairs feel. Unless you were going to take it, perhaps I could sit in as Captain for this one?” He knew he wasn’t ready to be a military leader yet, that was for dreaming about reading history books, but this was a holodeck and a chance to try something far less familiar than ship’s weapons.

Ensign Christopher Francis - Security

She smiled and had hoped he would take the opportunity to do so, “Computer give Ensign Francis the permissions as Captain in the simulation and act accordingly.” There was an acknowledging beep, “Congratulations Captain Francis, take your position and familiarise yourself with the controls. There is a brief description of what might be expected of you. I’ll be watching very carefully, no pressure” Ella winked and moved to the instructor’s panel to do final preparations.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa

OOC: Ill give this the weekend for people to join in if not I’ll/we’ll just throw in NEs

Chris looked down at the command red transformation to his uniform and gave a chuckle. “Who knew it was that easy!” he scoffed with eyebrows raised.

He went to take the captain’s chair and, though planning to take a look at his console to check the controls and training briefing, he couldn’t help but be distracted by the vantage the seat gave him. He could just see so much more of the bridge than he had noticed before. Smiling to himself and feeling a bit more collected Chris turned back to the console to figure out what the Lieutenant had planned.

Colonel Jon came in wearing his battle fatigues and walked over to the CoS. “Colonel Vamuhn reporting for duty ma’am.” Then he gave her a very sharp and crisp salute and waited for her to return it.

Lt. Colonel Muhjon Vamuhnn, Marine Ground Commander

Ella promptly and professionally returned the Marines saluting gesture, Starfleet didn’t really salute but she thought it was polite to return the gesture. “Thank you for coming Lieutenant Colonol were just waiting for a few more before starting but you can pick any role you want except Captain, Ensign Francis has quiet boldly stepped up to take that role” There was an obvious sign of pride in her eyes.

It took Chris a minute to figure out the large Trill marine’s rank insignia, but he’d thankfully begun standing in any case as the Colonel introduced himself to Lokaa. Taking the command seat suddenly felt much more likely to prove embarrassing than he had bargained for.

Ensign Christopher Francis - Security

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, CoS

“I’m afraid, you have me at a disadvantage madam. I’m not qualified to do any of your jobs, I command the ground pounders. So I’ll do whatever Captain Francis has need for.” He bowed slightly to her and made his way to Francis.

Coming to attention. “Captain Francis. I am Lieutenant Muhjon. Where do you need me sir?” He smiled and in a very gentle and low tone said, “You’ll do great. We all make mistakes and that’s how we learn. You got this.”

Lt Colonel Muhjon Vamuhn

Tyra Ora, walked briskly down the corridor of Deck 29 heading towards her destination. One of Ora’s previous hosts was in Starfleet which in result lead to a feeling of deja vu in Tyra. This was not the first time she had experienced these types of feelings as she continued adapting to her new lifestyle as a host for the Ora symbiont. She paused for a moment as she stood in front of the holodeck enterance recalling a previous host memory. “Wow, Starfleet really has come a long way in comparison to the past. How did people get by without holosuites and holodecks? They can be fun and efficient in various ways.” A slight grin comes across her face as she steps forward entering the simulation.

Ora wore her leaf brown hair in a messy mid ponytail style. Her ocean blue eyes shifted towards the woman that she recognized from the personnel file that she read over earlier that morning on her PADD. It was her new Department Head LT JG. Ella Lokaa, the Chief of Security aboard the Chimera. Ora noticed that there was around a five inch difference in height between the two as she glanced up slightly at Ella. “Lieutenant Lokaa. I’m Ensign Ora reporting for duty.” She extended her hand and offered a professional handshake in greeting. “You are much taller in person.”

  • Ensign Ora, Security & Tactical Officer

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