PreSIM: COS Check-In

Posted March 27, 2021, 3:48 a.m. by Ensign Tyra Ora (Security/Tactical Officer) (Matt Bongiorno)

The turbolift doors closed with a hissing sound “Deck twenty nine.” Ora had a relaxed posture with her hands at her sides. She was on her way to meet with the Chief of Security aboard the Chimera. This was her first posting in Starfleet after recently graduating from the Academy. After a few seconds had passed, the turbolift doors opened and she continued her journey down the corridors of deck twenty nine. Her ocean blue eyes scanned the area in an effort to familiarize herself with this part of the ship. She knew that it would take a good amount of time to explore every deck, but made it a personal goal of hers to know the Chimera layout frontwards and backwards without hesitation. As a security officer, this was considered a part of her job as a whole.

The lights above her added a slight shine to her brown hair which was tied in a tight high bun style. She was dressed in her brand new Starfleet issued uniform breaking it in on her first day. As she approached the security office, she reflected on how much Starfleet had changed technologically and structurally since one of her previous hosts had a career there. Upon arrival, Ora entered the security office and immediately recognized the Chief of Security from reviewing her personnel file earlier that morning. In fact, Ora had already begun reviewing the personnel files of every senior officer aboard the Chimera and planned to go through the rest of the crew over the course of time. At times she could be relentlessly efficient in her work and had a desire to keep tabs on every member of the crew. Ora looked up slightly to meet Lieutenant J.G. Lokaa’s gaze as there was around a six inch height difference between the women. “Lieutenant Lokaa, I am Ensign Ora, your new security junior officer. I am reporting for duty.” A slight closed lip smile spread across her lips and she extended her hand outwards offering her new supervisor a firm handshake.

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