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David Stone led Ella out the bay doors the way that they came. Most of the initial route was familiar - backtracking. The halls here were wide and tall, the lighting fair, the floors scuffed from many years of use and the walls scarred. It smelled tinny and moist and most of the people they met wore thick coveralls, were gloved and were operating machinery, be it pushing a hover cart or riding a fork lift like machine. One was in a powered exoskeleton carrying something ‘mining-ey’, or so Ella may suspect. At a main branch Stone turned off and soon the clientele changed to less ‘work’ and more ‘administration’ where suits replaced coveralls, and large PaDD’s replaced tools.
- Wookiee
OOC: I’ll give you a chance to ask questions or observe before getting to the destination next post

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AJ Paulson

Ella had noted the large suit being worn and wondered if it was standard practice, it looked more military than mining. “Those suits the miners wear, they appear to be better for a militaristic application than mining, whats their purpose?” If anything not a simple answer she/’d get an understanding on how Stone answered questions, particularly those pertaining the mining operation here.

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