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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Braxton Harris (Executive Officer) in Main Sim - Security Investigation

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“Mr. Stone, where were you at the time of the murder and can anyone corroborate your whereabouts.”

Harris, XO

Stone looked humored, if anything. “It was on the midnight shift. I was in my pod, asleep. I sleep alone.”

Christ stood by the party with a case of forensic equipment slung over one shoulder. He took careful note of the questions the security chief and first officer asked the foreman, hoping to learn how these experienced officers approached an investigation. With a PaDD he was taking down any salient details from the exchange in case it was useful to return to what Mr Stone said later. His story was pretty straightforward for now, but he felt as though there was no guarantee it would stay that way.

“I’ll take some preliminary scans, ma’am,” Chris said to Lokaa.

Stepping into the cordoned area and turning a tricorder to the tool bench he began a wide forensic sweep, wandering if he would find anything to indicate the pipe was not the sole murder weapon.

Ensign Christopher Francis - Security

A tall tool cabinet stood beside the bench. It was closed but looked typical where it had a large number of thin horizontal pullout drawers that would hold tools. On the decking in front of that, and dotted on the cabinetry could be seen (through the scans) blood highlighted. It was assuredly the scene of the murder.

As areas of Chris’ tricorder screen lit up distinctly to indicate the blood traces he continued to sweep the device across the scene. Given the bludgeoning that had taken place he was largely unsurprised to pick up the smatterings, though wondered to himself how much the area had been tampered with before their investigation team arrived.

He continued to scan following the workbench.

Scans suggested there was some ‘issues’ with the scene as the tricorder worked at assembling data.

Around the bench could be noted other dots of blood but they were shown to be older and small, like nicks made while working.

Along the deck leading away was a bloody footstep, and dribbles as though blood dripping off something.

All of this was essentially impossible to see apart from the scan for the deck was well used, dark itself and with an oily grime on it from years of machine shop work.
- Wookiee

“Lieutenant Lokaa, maybe you’d like to have a look at this,” Chris said handing over his tricorder to the chief.

Ensign Christopher Francis - Security

“Lieutenant see where that blood trail leads too.” Braxton offered as a suggestion.

Harris, XO

Ella watched Francis do his work and was pleased with his professionalism and his level of detail. “Indeed, but let us try not to contaminate the scene so myself the Ensign will follow the trail, we’ll pick up some samples and send them to the ship for analysis. I think we should also take some of these tools perhaps we can at least clear peoples names by cross-references them with other tools.” Ella motioned for Francis, with the equipment to carry on. “Please Ensign lead on.” It worked best to give her officers the responsibility, she preferred to observe and not be hindered by scanners and distractions.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa

Scans highlighted certain things:
1. There was quite a bit of blood.
2. There was one central trail of footprints that moved off and away from the bench toward the region of the exit.
3. There were some smears of blood where the deputy reputedly was found. They were on the bulkhead and deck.
4. The scene at the bench had been confused some with what appeared to be at least one footprint that was there, making it two or more sets added. These were local.

Stone moved up closer to Ella. “You want me to call a deputy?”
- Stone

Braxton had watched them from a distance so as to keep the integrity of the crime scene. From his vantage point, he was pleased as how meticulous things are proceeding.

Lt Cmdr Harris, XO

“There’s been a lot of blood spilt here, ma’am,” he noted, probably unnecessarily, to Lieutenant Lokaa. Retrieving a sampling kit from his case he collected a few micro-fragments from the bloodied areas around the bench, imaging the footprints before sampling them and ensuring some of the collections came from amidst the tools. “How many people do we believe came through here?” he asked as he returned the case to his shoulder and began moving toward the area where the body was found.

Chris’ tricorder seemed to be picking up smears of blood as he approached. “I think, whoever’s blood this is, they did a lot of bleeding out before getting here,” he noted, wondering why he wasn’t seeing a more substantial pool of blood.

Ensign Christopher Francis - Security

“I Agree, there is a rather lot of blood, try and get multiple samples from different locations of the pool we may get lucky and find some foreign cells.” She said, “Did you bring the holo imager?” She asked, ti wasn’t necessarily a part of the forensic kit but it was handy to take some images for later, no doubt the station would have their own, “Its ok if not I’ll request the ones from the station. We should finish up here for now and head to the person of interest.”

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, CoS

“Don’t know of anything like that here,” Stone replied. While he seemed a bit puzzled on the why he was reasonably certain on the what. “We have pretty basic kit here. You know, what we need for the job.”

Chris tapped his satchel, remembering that a case study he was brushing up on for the investigation had prompted him to pack the holo-imager. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have thought of it myself, ma’am, but yes, there’s one here. I’ll just finish up, won’t be a moment.”

He appeared to think about the other. “May have had the deputies in. Medical crew. What are you trying to figure?”

Ella turned back around and out of the murder scene, “Oh were not trying to figure anything out right now just build a picture of ourselves let us proceed to the person you are currently holding. Ensign are you ready to close up shop?” She asked waiting for him to return.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa, CoS

“Lieutenant a moment of your time please.”

Harris, XO

The Lieutenant Commander had interjected before Chris could make a response so having finished imaging the scene he took a moment to prepare all the samples for analysis on the ship’s computers.

=/\=Francis to NE Tait, I’m preparing to return samples and tricorder data for DNA analysis from our crime scene. Would be great to get a picture of how many individuals we should be looking to speak to.=/\=

Ensign Christopher Francis - Security

Ella nodded in acknowledgement and then smiled to Stone before walking over to the XO, from his tone she gathered it was a conversation to be had privately. “Sir?” She asked curiously with a hint of concern.

  • Lieutenant JG Ella Lokaa, CoS

Braxton quietly spoke “find out what you can about Mr. Stone and his whereabouts the night of the murder. Regardless of what he said, I want to be absolutely sure that he’s not involved in any way. Keep this between us Lieutenant.”

Harris, XO

She nodded understanding his line of enquiry, she didn’t need to respond directly he knew she understood. “Well Mr Stone would you lead us to your person if interest?” Ella for all her abilities smiled in his direction, she was still Elasian after all no harm in using her natural abilities to her advantage, though she’d never go as far as using her tears, that in her book was forbidden.

  • Lt JG Ella Lokaa

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Braxton stayed behind briefly to update the Chimera on what’s going on. =^= Harris to Bridge. Captain Andersson we’ve managed to secure the scene of the crime. As of right now we’re on our way to interrogate the mining colony’s person of interest.=^=

Harris, XO

There was a small clatter, then louder followed by a soft curse. The clatter continued, hollow metal against the floor - something skittering and clanging, feet following behind. It was behind, between racks. When the clanging finished a voice said, laughing. “Well done. Can you be a little more clumsy next time? I want a vid to send home.”
Some rattling sounds between the racks. Small metal on metal. “What, in an elf suit just to make it entertaining?”
“That would be a disservice to elves,” said the first voice. The sound of something sliding on a shelf was heard.
“And to my ego. But wait till you have a kid. Then you’ll see where egos get shredded.”
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