Sickbay - Lunan's Physical

Posted April 23, 2021, 11:24 a.m. by Lieutenant Lunan Farrah (Chief Science Officer) (Kieron Hoult)

After reporting for duty, Lunan had a little down time before the start of alpha shift, so he decided to use the time wisely and head to Sickbay to undergo his physical check up. As he crossed over the threshold into the familiar sight of the small lab-like space, he recalled the times he and his father had spent on his personal holodeck on Bajor, working on hypothetical experiments. He remembered one of the most inspirational things his father had said to him before leaving for Starfleet Academy:
Remember Farrah, do all you can to prove yourself, though it will be important to ask for help where appropriate. Farrah never did understand why his Father contradicted himself in such a manner, but Prophets willing, he would do his best.
“Good morning,” he said briskly to a Nurse running a maintenance check on a biobed, “My name is Lieutenant Lunan, I’m here for my boarding physical.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

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