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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Braxton Harris (Executive Officer) in Detention

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Braxton Harris (Executive Officer) in Detention

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David Stone led Ella out the bay doors the way that they came. Most of the initial route was familiar - backtracking. The halls here were wide and tall, the lighting fair, the floors scuffed from many years of use and the walls scarred. It smelled tinny and moist and most of the people they met wore thick coveralls, were gloved and were operating machinery, be it pushing a hover cart or riding a fork lift like machine. One was in a powered exoskeleton carrying something ‘mining-ey’, or so Ella may suspect. At a main branch Stone turned off and soon the clientele changed to less ‘work’ and more ‘administration’ where suits replaced coveralls, and large PaDD’s replaced tools.
- Wookiee
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Braxton looking towards Mr. Stone “Mr Stone what can you tell me about him?”

Harris, XO

“Willis?” Stone said, shaking his head. “You know, it’s always the quiet ones, or so they say. You’d expect him to be on a hover-trac in a cornfield somewhere sucking a straw rather than out here at the back end of the universe.” They moved along corridors that had a fresher scent and even fresher paint. The persons passing them were on occasion human, and here and there another bipedal thin bear-like being with hollowed, panda like eyes. The other were larger, broader, beings with spider like bodies fronted with a preying mantis like torso - a strange centaur like mix.

“I’ve only met him a few times. Cheerful. Shy. Has a kind of farm boy must prove himself attitude so he’s gotten into some scraps over that. Nice kid but green and I don’t know if this place will make him lose it. Doesn’t drink. I’ve met him when I’ve had to call in the deputies over brawls and petty theft. He’s better at that than the brawls.”

A few minutes later they came to a set of dull doors. A sentry on duty nodded and let them pass. Within was a dimly lit room with a circular grey metal console set in an octagon. Four of the chairs were manned with people monitoring holo camera displays or watching computer monitors. They bore a grey uniform like coverall and a baseball like cap. “Security operations,” Stone said, moving around the monitoring center to a side corridor. Cells lined one side and in one sat Wllis. He didn’t look like much. In fact it was hard to tell, he was laying on the cot with a small flabby pillow over his head.

“Willis, you’ve got a visitor.” Stone said in a not yet used soft voice.

“Who?” came the muffled sound but no movement. Stone looked to Braxton and with a shrug gave him the invitation to speak.

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