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Posted May 4, 2021, 5:12 p.m. by Lieutenant Tyra Ora (CNS) (Matt Bongiorno)

Posted by Ensign Tyra Ora (Security/Tactical Officer) in Pre-Sim: CMO Check-In - Sickbay
Ora entered the turbolift and spoke to the ship’s computer in a firm tone, “Deck 3”. She was on her way to sickbay to complete her mandatory boarding physical that comes with every new assignment in Starfleet. A few moments went by and the turbolift doors opened. After exiting, she walked briskly down the corridor of deck 3 towards alpha sickbay. She smiled and greeted various crewmembers in passing along her way. She definitely wanted to get off on the right foot with her new crew that she would be working with for at least the first stages of her career.

Upon her arrival at sickbay, Ora was greeted by the nurse at the desk politely, “Hello there, how can I help you?”. Ora replied in a calm tone, “I am here for my boarding physical.” The nurse offered her a wide closed lip smile and added a friendly tone in her voice, “The Doctor will be with you shortly. Come follow me and take a seat at one of the biobeds.” Ora followed the the nurse to a biobed and sat down making herself comfortable on it. The nurse immediately headed back to her desk to assist another patient who had just entered sickbay. Ora’s darted from left to right assessing the various stations in the room and got an early feel for the Chimera’s sickbay. It was a little chilly as far as the room temperature went, but there nothing was out of the ordinary going on there. A few minutes passed by and then she could see what appeared to be the Doctor heading in her direction.

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