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Posted by Lieutenant Koria Sutret (Chief Engineer) in Main Simm - Flight Deck

Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Gamemaster) in Main Simm - Flight Deck
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Having finished talking to their maintenance engineer Walter, Koria had rounded up a couple of her engineering teams and made their way to Cargo Bay to move the self contained industrial replicators. Having seen that they were well in hand getting the units loaded up onto the transports to move onto the Flight Deck, Koria had gone ahead to see if their requested runabouts were ready for them.

OOC: Not sure if anyone is bored and wants to join in, or I’ll just keep making up things!

Lt Sutret - CE

Seeing that the fighters had just taken off, the normal activity seemed to be coming back to the flight deck. Waving down one of the crew chiefs, Koria walked over to him.
“I’m needing two runabouts. We have two heavy industrial replicators that need to get down to the mining facility, and unfortunately we can’t use the transporters. How long before we can start loading do you think?”

Lt Sutret - CE

A middle aged man of short, wide stature with a dark craggy complexion and wide expressive eyes found Sutret. His coveralls sported the name Lopez. “Pablo,” he said in an accented voice, his hand shooting out to greet Sutret, then, changing in mid course to rise in a Vulcan salute. “Inside an hour, depending on how ornery those replicators are to load.”
- Pablo Lopez

Koria was mid reaching out to take his hand when he changed direction. Raising her own hand she returned the salute after a couple of moments. While she had a few Vulcan classmates who had showed them, she was way out of practice.

“Hopefully they won’t be to bad, they are still packaged from their original delivery to the Chimera. I have my engineering teams moving the units over here as we…”

Koria stopped as she heard the door from the cargo bay, and sounds of the teams moving the heavy units onto the flight deck.

“Speaking of which. Where would you like my teams to move them to Chief?”

Lt Sutret - CE

“I’ll get a runabout onto the pad here by the time you get the replicators up here.” He scratched his chin and pointed to a spot on the deck with a large circle and X marked on it. I’ll have her positioned there for you. I’ll be there with a couple of the crew and meet your engineers to load it. You’ll be going down with them?”
- Pablo Lopez

“Indeed Chief. My teams should be able to unload them on the surface. And if you need to get back up to the Chimera, we should be able to transport back up to the ship after getting the units set-up.”

Looking over at the team bringing the first replicator in, she turned back to the chief. “If you will excuse me chief, I should go make sure that they don’t need any help, and my surface teams have all of the gear that they want to take. Chief,” she said with a nod. Turning she headed off at a jog over to where her engineering teams were.

“The deck crew is getting the runabouts ready, stage the replicators over by the large X,” she said gesturing. “Surface teams, grab your gear, we will launch as soon as the runabouts are loaded. So if you need to grab anything from your locker or engineering, run now. You know the drill, let’s get these replicators set-up and show them what a Starfleet engineer can do. Let’s go!”

Lt Sutret - CE

The runabout came up to the flight deck and settled near the designated point. The rear hatch slowly opened to form the rear ramp to the cargo area. It would be a tight fit but it looked like it would just squeeze in. By Sutret’s estimation it was designed for just such a space to fit a runabout.

Meanwhile the teams gathered and worked at the replicator unit, attaching anti grav units that came with the unit. These were smaller and thinner, but more abundant which would make the fit into the runabout, well, workable. It would take a team of four engineers to get that bad boy installed.
- Wookiee

Koria eyed the anti grav units that her teams had pulled out and attached to the replicators. Eyeing the size of the replicator, she looked over at the cargo door on the runabout, and she could definitely see why they went with the slimmer profile. Hopefully it would fit, but it was going to be super close.

As her team surrounded the unit, they pushed it over to the runabout. “Two people inside, help guide the unit in place. It’s going to be tough, so make sure it doesn’t get caught on anything.” With the two engineers running into the runabout, the other part of the team got the replicator lined up with the door. Koria took a step back and tried to get an eye around the edges of the unit.

“Well no time like the present! Push it nice and slowly, let’s try and keep the scratches to a minimum.”

Koria kept eyeing it as it slowly moved closer to the opening, “A little to the right… Now back a hair… There we go….” As the first unit slid past the opening and into the runabout, it got easier. With the unit fully in the runabout, they deactivated the anti-grav units, and the unit settled to the deck.

“Alright let’s get it tied down, and get the other units loaded.”

OOC: Are they all going to fit on a single runabout? Or are we taking multiple? I kind of assumed it would be multiple, or multiple trips.

Lt Sutret - CE

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