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After seeing the rest of her crew to their assigned duties for the mission, Freja noticed they had received the sensor data for the time and location of the Shogun’s disappearance.

The Shogun’s last communication log that had been recorded was as follows. =^= Hirohito log, Supplemental. We are following a trail of bread crumbs left from a damaged freighter that pirates had towed away. They were leaking deuterium which our sensors were able to pick up and my science officer is hopeful that we can continue to follow this once we leave the Corridor. It is not a hot trail but it is something and perhaps will lead us to where the pirates have a lair. For reference, the deuterium trail we have spotted along with some debris from a Katelian nacelle severed in a battle is less than a parsec from the Durelliac dog leg. =^=

She also pulled any available intelligence reports she had access to with respect to pirate activity in the sector, if that came up empty, she could see if one of her contacts at intelligence was willing to cash in a favor.

~Freja Andreassen~

The only real data had been compiled from the Shogun that their security chief had compiled. It showed a map of the corridors with dots indicating pirate activity along with dates. There were a fair number which included dates and regions that preceded the Shogun’s arrival and evidently added to from their investigations.
- Wookiee

Freja frowned, absorbing the information. Right now it appeared that the ship might’ve been ambushed outside the corridor or somewhere. If that was the case, the pirates were definitely organized.

“Computer, pull up the standard specs for the Shogun and the profiles of the senior officers,” she requested. She had done some preliminary research on the ship and crew en route, but she wanted to remind herself of the size of ship and the crew. There was something off about pirates being able to take a fully loaded starship, so her gut was screaming inside job and her brain wanted to make sure she could prove otherwise.

~Freja Andreassen~

The Shogun was a Pendragon Class ship - certainly not an underpowered craft but a proven ship for skirmishes and the like. With a crew of 600, 20 decks and packing a good punch it was well suited for the corridors and the potential opposition.

The Captain, Hirohito, had been a ship Captain for twelve years, and an XO for seven before that, and was well seasoned in the role.
- Wookiee

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Freja frowned, it was mind boggling that a ship like the Shogun managed to get overrun by pirates.

“Computer, show me any senior crewmembers who joined the Shogun prior to their current mission,” she queried, not sure if anything would come up, but sometimes it was just better to ask the question and see if anything came of it.

~Freja Andreassen~

By the look of it the crew was quite stable. The only addition to the crew was the assistant chief engineer, a Lt Teodora Jankovic. The previous engineer had a medical issue of an eventual reaction to the innoculation so was transferred off. Teodora’s record was that she had served on DS9 for a time as a station engineer. Prior to that she had been an engineer on a Fleet heavy cargo container ship. While her record did indicate some disciplinary cautions - apparently she has a temper and enjoys a good brawl - her work record was very good.
- Wookiee

Freja frowned, it wasn’t a clear cut case, but certainly warranted further investigation. A temper was hardly a red flag, just something to certainly dig into.

“Computer, have there been many instances of reactions to the innoculation on the Shogun or just the previous assistant engineer?”

~Freja Andreassen~

The information that the Magnus Corp files provided came up. =^= There is a 2.08% chance of a reaction after the first inoculation. Data shows different side effects may appear in 4.1% of the recipients after the 6 month mark. 86% of those are minor, treatable, and non invasive. 14% are more serious requiring a halt to the treatment. The Shogun, over her two years of posting in this region showed 26 minor cases and 2 serious cases. =^=
- Wookiee

Interesting, Freja mused to herself, “Computer, can you pull up any ship communications records from the Shogun during the last three months?” Perhaps if she used the data they compiled about dates of attacks, she could see any patterns of frequent communication just before an attack.

~Freja Andreassen~

Comms records were limited to the three month period up to its disappearance for those transmissions the Shogun made to Starfleet which were weekly update logs, Captain’s and XO’s, and Medical logs. There were only two actual ‘transmissions’ that were outside of that. This constituted nine weekly logs from each, or 27 logs plus the two official transmissions. Any personal transmissions would not have made it into availability.

=^= Fleet logs and transmissions compiled. Twenty Nine data packets. =^=
- Wookiee

“Alright, might as well work backward,” Freja muttered, she took a brief break to walk over to the replicator and get herself a coffee. She had a feeling it would be a long night, but investigations like this were rarely straightforward.

Settling down again, she selected the latest data packet and began to comb through for clues.

~Freja Andreassen~

“First Officer’s Log, Supplemental. Commander Jon Wilkinson. The Captain is on a two day rest quarantine after the Doc declared him down with Terrelian Fever. Seems that his card playing at the mine garnered more winnings than he expected. While he has received treatment, the doc has given him a two day rest leave to ensure that there is no passing on of the Fever whose literal bark, or cough, is worse than its bite. From what I understand the Captain is practicing his calligraphy. In the meantime we are scheduled to depart with the tide to head to the Transfer Station and await a transport convoy. En route we are going to check on an anomalous energy pulse that one of the V’nick cruisers had reported to us in passing. Of course those pirates - not to be confused with the real pirates - will want something from us in exchange at some point; they are worse than the Ferengi for ensuring an equitable or profitable deal. This is the third time we’ve had this ‘pulse’ reported to us by different entities, and always near the Aidoff Conjunction where there is a vertiable scrapyard of ships and tankers and fuel tanks around an ancient, and equally scrap, station similar to the Transfer Station, ah Station. Evidently built by the same people, that is all that we know about this. Log End.”
- Wilkinson, XO Shogun

“Computer, please call up any information related to the V’nick,” Freja ordered, it was a name she wasn’t familiar with, so she wanted to see what she could turn up about them.

A visual aid to the request came up on the screen where a flashing light blinked denoting the location of the V’nick system within the Scar Nebula. Along with that were a series of dotted lines indicating corridors to their system. Zooming in would show a dull yellow sun with only three worlds surrounding it, however, making up for that lack were three asteroid belts and a great number of free ranging asteroids. The planet V’nick was the first in orbit; the other two were a gas giant with triple rings and an icy, distant world. V’nick itself was a mostly water-world with 86% of the surface covered with oceans.

The V’nick species was an amphibious race capable of of living in and out of the water, though they prefer the water and living in underwater communes. Their land based constructions were principally designed as a bridge to space. Their architecture was thin, delicate tall structures reaching far into the sky. The V’nick were tall, slim beings with webbed appendages, smooth slick skin that was not ‘scaled’ but almost appeared to be so. Their face was thin, coming to more of a point than rounded at chin and crown with a central vertical ‘fin’ bisecting their face from the nose up around to the back of their head. Nose-less, however, they sported gills that operated for oxygen and for underwater use. Their mouth had jaws similar to that of a cat that, while they looked small, could open very wide. They had large round dark eyes absent of any ‘whites’.

As a people they were hierarchical in a form of caste system which appeared to serve them well. They were regimented and very astute at business. They believed in a supreme being that espoused balance which was incorporated into their society. Were they to do something in an offer, per se, they expected an equal reciprocal gesture. As such in business they were exactingly fair.


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IC: =^=Harris to bridge come in=^=

Harris, XO

=^=Bridge here, go ahead Commander,=^= Freja responded.

~Freja Andreassen~

=^= Captain, we have just wrapped up investigating the crime scene. By the looks of it it was pretty violent. The Mining colony shift leader Mr. Stone had briefed us on what happened and that they have detained a deputy of the murder victim which was a Sheriff. I have to tell you. I’m getting a hunch that this Mr. Stone is withholding information that could be valuable to the investigation. I had Lieutenant Lokaa look deeper into him Sir.=^=

Harris, XO

=^=Understood, you may also wish to use Lt. Ora, as she may be able to provide you with some useful information regarding the players in your investigation,=^= Freja replied, =^=I would exercise caution as well, I’m reviewing data packets from the USS Shogun that were sent to Command, something about a strange energy pulse. I wouldn’t rule out some overlap between my investigation and yours Commander.=^=

~Freja Andreassen~

=^= Understood Captain. I’ll keep you apprised=^=

Harris, XO

Freja nodded, then mentally shaking herself since her XO couldn’t see her nod, =^=Very good Commander.=^=

Turning her attention back to the V’nick, she mentally made a note that they might need to contact them for details about the Shogun, but that they’d likely want something in exchange for the information.

“Computer, is there any further reference in the Shogun data packets to ‘energy pulse’?”

~Freja Andreassen~

There was an addendum to a log packet prior to it’s being sent off to Starfleet by the CSO and COS. Each read:

=^= CSO, Andreja Markhov. Initial analysis of reported pulse event off the Aidoff Conjunction. Initial conjecture was that this pulse that we have not actually seen came from the ‘boneyard’ itself are just that, conjecture. The region may have been the site of an ancient battle. Or simply a scrapyard where they piled their ships. For all we know the station there ran a ‘pick a part’ business out of it. Scans reveal virtually zero energy output there. A pulse as defined and alien as has been reported coming from there is unlikely. Recommend a probe-buoy be placed at the boneyard in the event that this happens again. =^=

A later log note that referenced ‘pulse’ showed that a buoy was dropped there by the Shogun.

=^= COS, Bryce Templeton. I was tasked with a tactical review of the boneyard and the mysterious energy pulse from that area. A runabout expedition to this region by myself and a squad of fighters to determine viability of any of the ships there emitting it was inconclusive. There were some stray energy readings that may have contributed to a random burst of energy from a dying vessel but that was unlikely. The area is still being used to scuttle unwanted ships. A small scout scurried out of our sensors into the cloud as we approached. Unknown design. Runabout sized. Likely a scavenger looking for stray components to market. We had a fighter pair monitor while we conducted surveys. No pulse detected in our time. Concur with Markhov that we should drop a buoy. Well two. One overt and one covert. I’d like to keep an eye on what other traffic is going on here. =^=


“Computer is there any mention in the packets of the deployment of the buoys and the data they may have collected?” Freja asked, pondering whether they got that far. Perhaps if the buoys were still active, they could access their data and find further details…carefully of course as there appeared to be something rather suspicous going on in that boneyard.

~Freja Andreassen~

=^= Buoys deployed on logged Stardate. Buoys were verified operational. However no data has been accessed. =^= The Stardate on the deployment was three weeks prior to the Shogun’s disappearance.
- Wookiee

The buoys might still be collecting data then, “Computer, is it possible to access the buoy data from this distance?” She could get the marines to drop by in their fighters if they needed to be closer since they’d be on convoy duty.

~Freja Andreassen~

It had taken a while for Lunan to get settled in before finding out the information about the Shogun, but once he did, the Bajoran knew that he was determined to find a logical scientific explanation to whatever happened to the crew. Lunan crossed the Bridge as soon as the turbolift came to a stop and joined the Captain at the console, “Captain Andreassen,” Lunan began with what he would call a smirk, “What have we found?”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

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