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Lieutenant Lunan Farrah felt himself hopping expectantly on the balls of his feet expectantly; the Bajoran man was eager to get started on this mission, so wanted to get underway as quickly as possible.

As the turbolift doors parted, Lunan found the shuttlebay to be busier than expected. Several officers from different disciplines were milling around from corner to corner of the room, making sure that the shuttle was ready for the job. Collaring one of the Ensigns to his left, he asked, ‘I’m looking for Major Lordell?’

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

“What, the Major?” came the reply. He scratched at the back of his head as he looked down the line of the bay. “He’s out taking a convoy to the transfer station. It’ll be a while before he’s back. I can try to scare up the deck officer. What did you need, ah.” He glanced at his pips. “Lieutenant.”
- Deck guy
OOC: Timeline doesn’t allow for the Major to be present on this as he’s out for a while there. However, we can do one of two things .. James can do a NE on this, or, if he wants, I can do one, or, conversely, we can do both. James?

OOC: Well James resigned from the ship… Would timeline line up that he could catch a ride down with the engineering teams?
OOC: That’ll learn me to not look at things outside of the main threads .. sorry.

OOC: I was aiming to see if Lunan could fly out to interface with the buoy, Kat wrote something about Lordell giving him an escort. Happy to do it alone if needs be :)
OOC: Yep, gotcha. I did follow it that far. Alone is no fun .. let’s see ..

After his meeting with the Counsellor, Lunan had learned that he needed to be a little more relaxed with members of the crew. The young Bajoran extended a hand, “Forgive me, Lieutenant Lunan Farrah, Chief Science Officer. Captain Andreassen has asked me to fly a shuttle out to the information buoy that the Chimera discovered recently, she told me she would offer the Major as a protection escort, but if he’s not available I am happy to go solo.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

“In this space? Ma’am, if a Pendragon class ship went and disappeared, I think a small escort is the least we can do for you out here.” He turned, revealing a wicked cowlick at the back of his head, asking absently. “Are you a registered pilot? Ah, no offense ma’am. Just thought it would be a little challenge to do things with a buoy while trying to pilot.”

“Are you taking the buoy back? Small shuttle good for you?” he asked.
- Wookiee

Lunan couldn’t help but give a confused look at the fact that the Ensign called him ‘ma’am’ twice, but had the strangest feeling that they were nervous so thought nothing of it, “I only wish to download the data from the buoy to bring back to the Chimera for analysis. A runabout’s processing power would be beneficial, but if a small shuttle is all you can spare, I will work with what I have.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

He consulted his device and shook his head. “Two of our three runabouts are down with the chief engineer transporting some kind of equipment to the surface. The third is flagged for local travel only pending a manifold overhaul. I’d recommend a shuttle in this case. They would be easier to maneuver with. If you are looking for processing ability two of the shuttles have a science config to them. More brains and less braun. I can get the Euripides up in no time.”
- Wookiee

“That would be appreciated Ensign,” Lunan nodded briskly before tapping his combadge, “=/\= Lunan to Bridge, Captain, the Major is detained on the surface but with your permission, I would like to head across to the buoy in the Euripides?”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

”=/\= Acknowledged Captain. =/\=,” Lunan closed the channel with the Bridge and opened another with Security, “=/\= Lunan to Security, I’d appreciate if you could spare an officer to accompany me on a mission?

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

While this happened, the deck hand moved to a comms panel on the bulkhead wall, engaging in a short but animated conversation. By the time he returned he was able to say, “Euripides will be up in two minutes. Escort wing is being prepped to launch when you’re ready, lieutenant.”
- Wookiee

“Much obliged Ensign, is there anything I need to know about the Euripides before I head out?”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

“She turns on a credit and the inertial dampers are a bit slow so when you turn the corners or accelerate you feel it. Think of yourself being on an amusement park ride or ground vehicle making turns. Just makes feel like you’re really moving.” The shuttle rose up a minute later, turning to face the bay doors. “And there you are. Any more questions?”
- Wookiee

“Though I’ve never been to a… what was it you called it? An amusement park? I’ll take your word for it.” Farrah nodded briskly and stepped into the craft.

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

“What do they teach young people nowadays?” he said, scratching his head and turning to go. “Safe flight, lieutenant,” he added.

As soon as Lunan got into the craft and fired up the Euripides the flight officer came on. =^= Euripides you are cleared to launch when ready. Your escort wing, Drawings and McGraw, the Quick Draw McGraw wing are in space awaiting you.
- Wookiee

”=/\= Understood,” Farrah replied, “=/\= Lunan to Bridge, I’m heading out now, I’ll report in as soon as I make contact with the probe. =/\=”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

=^=Acknowledged Lieutenant, good luck,=^= Freja responded.

~Freja Andreassen~

Why do I feel like I’m going to need it? Lunan thought to himself. Setting the course he needed, Lunan held on to the console as the Shuttlecraft Euripides eased carefully out of the shuttlebay and into open space. Within seconds, he saw the wing of fighters that were accompanying him out to the buoy, “=/\= Fighter Wing, this is the Shuttle Euripides, checking comms. =/\=”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

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