Bridge - Reviewing Sensor Data To Find The Shogun

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Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Gamemaster) in Bridge - Reviewing Sensor Data To Find The Shogun
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About ten minutes passed before Captain Andreassen heard the chime of a com channel being opened on the Bridge, “=/\= Lunan to Bridge, Captain, the Major is detained on the surface but with your permission, I would like to head across to the buoy in the Euripides? =/\=”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer- (Crosspost from Shuttlebay)

=^=Understood, contact the COS and see if he or a member of his team can accompany you. Feel free to include an engineer if you think it prudent,” Freja responded, “And Lieutenant, be cautious. If I find out anything further that’s relevant to your mission, I’ll try and contact you.=^=

~Freja Andreassen~

”=/\= Acknowledged Captain =/\=,” came the Bajoran’s reply.

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer- (Crosspost)

Meanwhile, Freja turned back to the data packets from the Shogun, mentally running through other things she should search.

~Freja Andreassen~

Several minutes later, the CSO’s voice echoed around the Bridge once more, “=/\= Lunan to Bridge, I’m heading out now, I’ll report in as soon as I make contact with the probe. =/\=”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer (Crosspost from Shuttlebay)

After responding, Freja turned her attention to the latest status updates to see if anything pertinent required her immediate attention before she sunk back into the mystery of the disappearing Shogun.

~Freja Andreassen~

There were a fair number of ships in the vicinity - the only Fleet one being the Chimera. Ship status was showing that all was well. A brief status report from the wing escort of the convoy indicated that they had run into a gravitic mine that latched onto a repulsor tug. The convoy was looking for a work around. There was a notice saying that the two industrial replicator units had landed successfully, and Lt Farrah was on her way.
- Wookiee

Satisfied her ship wasn’t in a situation that required her immediate attention, she pondered what other information she could glean from the records they had on hand. Hopefully her CSO would be able to retrieve the bouys and gain some more insight into what might’ve become of the Shogun.

~Freja Andreassen~

At this point a transmission came in from the surface of Plouton 9. Comms said, “Captain, have the Administrator on the line. Is inviting you and anyone you like to a diplomatic meeting. Location at your discretion.”
- Wookiee

“Understood, did the administrator indicate what time they would prefer this meeting to occur?”

~Freja Andreassen~

“Dinner by the look of it, Captain,” There was a pause. “18:00. That’s .. three hours off.”
- Wookiee

=^= Lunan to Chimera, Captain, I would strongly urge caution as the mission moves forward, I have found evidence to suggest that someone made the gravitational distortions surrounding the eddy. =^=” The Chimera‘s CSO came over the comm.

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

=^=Acknowledged Lieutenant,=^= Freja responded, “Contact the administrator and inform her that the Chimera would be honored to host the diplomatic meeting at 18:00 if that is acceptable.” She nodded to the Comms NE. Hopefully keeping things on the Chimera would enable to her to control some elements of this meeting.

~Freja Andreassen~

After a minute the officer replied. “It’s arranged, Captain. 17:45 beam up. There will be four in attenance. The Administrator and her secretary, and the ambassadors for the Cree and the Rill. Dietary suggestions will follow.”
- Wookiee

“Great,” Freja nodded, “Inform the Observation Staff Lounge to prepare for a diplomatic meeting tonight at 18:00, ensure they get the dietary requirements in time as well.”

“I’m sure they will appreciate the .. lead time,” came the reply from the comms. “I’m getting the data and transferring. One is more vegetarian and one .. well, the Klingons would love.”
- Wookiee

=^=Andreassen to all senior staff, unless vital to the mission, your presence will be requied as we will be hosting a diplomatic meeting tonight in the Observation Lounge at 18:00, formal dress required as there will be Ambassadors for the Cree and the Rill present.=^=

~Freja Andreassen~

”=^= Acknowledged,” came the reply from the Chimera‘s CSO, “I just hope I can get back in one piece. =^=”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah-

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