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David Stone led Ella out the bay doors the way that they came. Most of the initial route was familiar - backtracking. The halls here were wide and tall, the lighting fair, the floors scuffed from many years of use and the walls scarred. It smelled tinny and moist and most of the people they met wore thick coveralls, were gloved and were operating machinery, be it pushing a hover cart or riding a fork lift like machine. One was in a powered exoskeleton carrying something ‘mining-ey’, or so Ella may suspect. At a main branch Stone turned off and soon the clientele changed to less ‘work’ and more ‘administration’ where suits replaced coveralls, and large PaDD’s replaced tools.
- Wookiee
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Braxton looking towards Mr. Stone “Mr Stone what can you tell me about him?”

Harris, XO

“Willis?” Stone said, shaking his head. “You know, it’s always the quiet ones, or so they say. You’d expect him to be on a hover-trac in a cornfield somewhere sucking a straw rather than out here at the back end of the universe.” They moved along corridors that had a fresher scent and even fresher paint. The persons passing them were on occasion human, and here and there another bipedal thin bear-like being with hollowed, panda like eyes. The other were larger, broader, beings with spider like bodies fronted with a preying mantis like torso - a strange centaur like mix.

“I’ve only met him a few times. Cheerful. Shy. Has a kind of farm boy must prove himself attitude so he’s gotten into some scraps over that. Nice kid but green and I don’t know if this place will make him lose it. Doesn’t drink. I’ve met him when I’ve had to call in the deputies over brawls and petty theft. He’s better at that than the brawls.”

A few minutes later they came to a set of dull doors. A sentry on duty nodded and let them pass. Within was a dimly lit room with a circular grey metal console set in an octagon. Four of the chairs were manned with people monitoring holo camera displays or watching computer monitors. They bore a grey uniform like coverall and a baseball like cap. “Security operations,” Stone said, moving around the monitoring center to a side corridor. Cells lined one side and in one sat Wllis. He didn’t look like much. In fact it was hard to tell, he was laying on the cot with a small flabby pillow over his head.

“Willis, you’ve got a visitor.” Stone said in a not yet used soft voice.

“Who?” came the muffled sound but no movement. Stone looked to Braxton and with a shrug gave him the invitation to speak.

“I’m Commander Harris from the USS Chimera. I’m here to ask you your side of what happened to your superior officer Willis.”

Harris, XO

There was a rustling as a hand came up and pulled the pillow off his face. A round face with short, ruffled cornstalk hair looked toward Harris, blue eyes blinking. “You my lawyer?” he asked. “Nobody seems to want to represent me.” He shifted to slide his feet off the cot. He looked small in the coveralls that were noticeably too big for him. “But then there aren’t more than a couple lawyers at the mine.” A finger came up to adjust the round glasses that he wore. “I’d expected a Corporate lawyer.” he sounded confused.
- Willis

“I’m just here to try and figure out what happened to your Sheriff. If you’d like, we can talk in private just between the two of us.”

Harris, XO

Willis glanced at David Stone and gave a shrug that was barely seen through the coveralls. He seemed to study Harris. “I’m okay to talk. I’d like to see a lawyer too though. None came along?”
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Looking towards Mr. Stone. “Mr. Stone, Would you mind bringing Mr. Larden of the Magnus Corp to the Detention Center. His presence is being requested”

Harris, XO

David nodded. “I’ll comms him from outside,” he replied, disappearing quickly.

It was only a matter of minutes before Mason came in with David Stone. He bore an expression of concern and curiosity mixed. His balding pate shone in the overhead lighting. He greeted Harris with a professional nod before turning his attention to Willis. “Mr Kramer. I’m Mason Larden of Mag-Corp and am in authority to represent you.” He glanced over to Harris again; that was a truth in that he was a lawyer though he had not come first as a representative of Willis.

Willis studied him for a moment then shrugged again as though sensing something there but dismissing it. “How many years will I get?” he asked.
Mason, still standing, replied, “That isn’t a factor here, Willis. Not yet.”
“But I’ve confessed. I’m guilty.”
Mason slowly held up a hand. “Catch us up here then.” He asked Harris, “Can Willis come out? Can we get him something? Willis, would you like something to eat? Drink?”

Braxton nodded. “As long as he composes himself accordingly to regulations here in this building yes.” Looking towards Willis sternly. “If any outbursts occur you’re going back to your cell.”

Harris, XO

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Willis slowly approached the force field. The hum of it ended with a tap to a console from the single guard at a back monitoring station. Willis looked small inside the coveralls. “Juice?” he asked.

The guard stood up and came around. “I’ll get it for you Willis,” he offered. “Same?” Willis nodded. To the others he said, “End of the hall there is an interview room. You can take as long as you need.

The end of the hall ended in a kind of ‘sea door’, an oval like door shape that was manual rather than automatic. It was already open. Within, the room was round and aged. A long thin window, some eight inches tall stretched along a third of the circle of the room. The outside of the windows were in need of a clean and what trees outside were dark shadowy shapes. Rivulets of water ran down them. Inside the room was an oval table with three chairs around it. It smelled musty, the floors were scuffed and the table marked from many years of use.
- Wookiee

“Ah thank you Guardsman.” Braxton had grabbed his PaDD out of his pocket to record the upcoming interview. “Mr. Larden thank you for coming on such a short notice.”

Harris, XO

“I was here anyway and my previous appointment was short. I was in the cafeteria when you called,” Larden said. He moved around and took a seat, setting his thin case down on the table. “Willis, please, have a seat.” His nose curled up with the musty scent. Willis didn’t appear to notice.

The guard returned with a pitcher of juice and a small tray with glasses on it and set it down without word. Larden poured and handed a glass to Willis who had moved in resigned fashion to an opposite chair. “Commander?” Larden inquired, gesturing with the pitcher on whether he wanted any.

“Willis, this is just a conversation. Feel free to say as much or as little. Think of us as knowing nothing about what happened, which, according to what we’ve been sent is mostly true. We just want to know what happened and to help you.” He turned to Harris. “Would you like to start?”
- Wookiee

Braxton nodded. Brandon had pressed the record button on his PaDD. “Mr. Willis, I’m here at the request of this facility to find out what happened to the sheriff. In your own words where were you earlier today?”

Harris, XO


Willis paused and pushed his glasses up his nose, blinking. “I was in the cell.”
Larden smiled. “I think he meant at the time of the sheriff being killed.”
“I don’t have much memory. I mean, the night was all so strange. I was in the lounge. It was mid week. I wasn’t on duty. I was with a couple of friends. Mickey and Laureen, playing darts. It was dart night. It was maybe around 10?” He looked at the two of them as though looking for confirmation, then continued. “I think it was around 10 when I got a call from Adam. Uh, the Sheriff. He wanted me to meet him at the machine shop. He’d been acting funny, saying he was onto something but not saying what. So I left there and went to go down. On the way I started to feel .. woozy, uh, floating. All I’d drank was a root beer. The next thing I remember Teddy was picking me up and asking me what I’d done. I had blood on me. I killed Adam but don’t remember, but that’s what they say.”

Braxton nodded “Willis, think back to the time you arrived at the Lounge. Before you took a sip of your beverage, do you remember anyone or anything odd or out of the ordinary?”

Harris, XO

Willis pushed his glasses up again. They seemed to have a propensity to slide down on their own. His gaze went to his glass and he appeared to be thinking hard. In the end he shrugged. “There’s a bunch of tables. You know, the standing ones around the dart wall. We, uh, my team, had one of the tables. It was busier. We normally were closer.” Willis watched Mason get up. “We were horrible on darts that night. Usually we’re better.” He then seemed to catch the question.

Mason turned to leave. “I’ll see if there are any cameras there.”

“It was busier. They had the holo dancers going. That was a bit early. Usually that’s up later in the night. I think they were having some kind of celebration to one side. A birthday maybe. Marge brought us our usual as soon as we found the table.” He flashed a smile. “She’s good that way. Leo is sweet on her. Gives her good tips. Uh, Leo is on the team. Me, Leo and Otto.”
- Willis

Lt. Ducante was watching the interview from the other side of the glass, no one in the room could see that he was there, but he could see all of them, and hear the conversations. He had just arrived, so he wanted to get caught up and see what Lt. Harris had planned, and then he would add his comments when they met.
Lt. Ducante, CoS

Andrew approached with a couple Marines in tow. He motioned for them to mind the door. Standing by the glass, he greeted Ducante. “Lieutenant. How’s it going?”

-Major Andrew Knox

Mason returned after a couple of minutes. “There are recordings. Multiple views. They say they can’t speak for the quality but it is there to view if you’ve got people to do that.” He sat down again, his balding pate reflecting the overhead light. “They said they looked but by the sounds of it it was cursory.”

Willis commented. “I guess they didn’t think they needed to. I said I did it. I must have from what they said they saw when they found me.”
- Wookiee

Braxton pressing his comm badge =^=Harris to Lieutenant Ducante would you mind looking over the security footage?=^= Turning towards Willis “I would need a blood sample from you Willis to see what has caused you to pass out and hopefully get to the bottom of this investigation.”

Harris, XO

Mason consulted his notes. “One was taken in medical the night of the incident,” he said. “But another would help note any changes. I didn’t see anything in the report, but then the medical people might have it somewhere.”

Willis shrugged in silent assent.

Lt. Burcham hit his comm badge and responded, =^=”Yes, Sir. Right away.” =^= He then started reviewing the recordings to find out what happened and what the footage saw of the incident, if anything.
Lt. Burcham, CoS.

The footage was rather voluminous. There were nine cameras in the lounge and were privately held rather than installed by the Corporation. Three were more related to the entry and seating than the bar area and darts table. It would either be a long and boring review cycle or, thankfully, Burcham could put in AI parameters for it.

Braxton nodded “Thank you Mr. Mason. I’d like to see both medical reports from the time he was taken into custody and now.” =^= Harris to Ducante see if you can isolate the footage to when Mr Willis and his friends arrive right until he and his received their beverages=^=

Harris, XO

Mason made a notation. “We’ll have to visit the medical bay for that later.”

Lt. Ducante worked on the system and put in the AI parameters that Lt. Comm. Harris suggested. He waited for the system to provide him the results and then he watched the footage.
Lt. Ducante, CoS.

The footage was pretty dry. The vast majority of the people going there was male. As in very vast majority. There were only three women that Ducante could tell and one was behind the bar and another was serving. Most looked more interested in drinking and watching the holo performers.

From getting picked up to delivering, the path from bar to table was smooth in the three times that this was done. If there was any ‘contamination’ while at the bar it was quick and hard to tell. The bar was bustling with people milling about. So too around Willis’ table - there were two occasions when people passed it by and could have done something. With the movements Ducante would need to focus in more, but to his security eye, it could be suspicious.
- Wookiee

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Ducante would watch the footage, slowly playing through the two times people pass the table, looking for something suspicious. “Is it possible to zoom the camera in on this shot of this person?” he asked the person who gave him the footage. “I want to see what their hand is doing right there.” He continued his thought.
Lt. Ducante, CoS

“There,” he said. “You can put up a hex grid on the screen and then choose specifics to focus on.” He showed Ducante the command on the console for the grid, then said, “Tap to choose from there. Use this line for magnification. With your other hand you can use the pad to move the center of the image around.”

With that, Ducante could do a pretty decent job at magnifying the image after a bit of playing about. The hindrance was the lighting which was not its brightest and the filters could only do so much on these systems. However, what he did see partially confirmed his suspicions. It ‘looked’ like one individual who was there passed his hand over the glass. The hand opened at that point and something could have fallen. However, his wrist was in the way; the gesture left a ‘possibility’ of something happening.
- Wookiee

=^= Commander Harris to Ducante status report=^=

Harris, XO

Mason made some notes in the ensuing relative silence apart from the comms.

Willis spoke up, his face appearing to be almost wistful. “You know, I’m going to miss finding out what Adam was up to. He was saying that something was up and he was getting close. But never said what.”

Mason stopped note taking. “Was there some problem? Crime?”

“No. More fights in the lounge and scattered assaults but we get those when it is close to a new rotation and the current workers get bored and antsy to cycle out.” He shrugged. “It might have been the deaths.”
- Wookiee
- Willis

“What deaths Willis?” Looking curious to Willis.

Harris, XO

=^= “I don’t see anything concrete yet, got something I’m looking at here, but it’s a blocked shot of what looks like someone spiking a drink at the table.” He responded. “I’m still searching.” He continued as he continued to play with the footage to try and get a better angle to see if anything did fall in the drink.
Lt. Ducante, CoS.

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