Diplomatic Dinner

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About the declared time there was a ping at the transporter room console.

=^= Diplomatic group stating readiness to beam aboard =^= the operator said rom the facility.

The transporter operator replied, “I have four standing by to beam up.”
- Wookiee

Braxton quickly tugged his dress uniform. Looking at the operator “energize”

Harris, XO

Freja stepped into the room just as her XO gave the order to energize, “Everything should be ready to go, hopefully this runs smoothly.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Braxton in a reassuring tone “it’ll be fine Captain. I cooked the appetizers myself.”

Harris, XO

The four figures that beamed aboard could not have been any different.

The largest, looking centaur like with a spider like body, six legs supporting the body that had a torso not unlike a preying mantis erupting from the front. The other, a bear like biped with opposable claws and a face that bore a short snout and sharp needle like teeth. The third was more humanoid with milky transparent skin, pulsing blue like veins apparent just under the skin. Appearing female, she wore a broad shouldered stiff dress that plunged in the neckline virtually to where a navel would have been. The mantis like being bore no garments, but was only adorned with a large emerald like jewel in an elaborate metal setting on a chain around its neck. The bear was in an elaborately woven frock with a wide collar all around. The last was the administrator looking rather drab next to them.

Janet stepped down first from the platform. “Captain, Commander, let me introduce Ambassador Choo’da of the Cree Hive.” She gestured to the mantis like being. “And Ambassador Bonno of the House Rill. The Cree and the Rill are native to this world. And lastly we have Ambassador Entyra of the Kryl’ic Assembly. That is a neighboring star system in this nebula and also holds a Magnus mining operation.” She stepped aside for the Ambassadors to descend and gave the Captain an opportunity for introductions.
- Wookiee

“On behalf of the Federation and Starfleet, it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard the USS Chimera,” Freja spoke then, smiling, “I’m Captain Freja Andreassen and this is my first officer, Commander Braxton Harris. You’ll meet the rest of my senior staff at dinner, if you like I can arrange for a brief tour of the ship or we can simply head over to the lounge for our dinner.”

~Freja Andreassen~

“Since you offer,” Jane said, looking at the ambassadors. “I think a tour would be delightful. It would be a nice change to see something beyond my walls. Ambassadors?”

The bear like Bonno spoke through his translator. “That is gracious of you. Thank you for offering.”
“That is because you would see a vessel not falling apart like yours,” chided Choo’da, in a female sounding translation. It wasn’t certain by the tone whether that was a measure of humor or something else. Bonno only snorted.
Entyra made a gesture of a hand making a slow arc and slight bow. “I have never before been on a Federation ship. I have only seen the other, your Shogun, from the outside.”
- Wookiee

“Well, let’s get started then,” Freja smiled, “Any requests on where you’d like to see first?”

~Freja Andreassen~

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