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Posted by Lieutenant Lunan Farrah (Chief Science Officer) in Main Sim: Studying the Eddy
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IC: Idzi saw the blip on her scanner =^= Hold up Lieutenant. Something just blipped on my scanners=^= she said over the com as she tried to re-establish the blip =^= I can’t seem to pin down where or what it s, but there is something among the wreckage. Can you link your shuttles scanners with mine, maybe the two together we can figure out what’s going on =^= She asked

Mar.Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Lunan gave an acknowledgement and tapped a few controls on the console in front of him, “=^= Establishing link-up, stand by. =^=”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

Linking scans could render a general area that this ‘ping’ may be coming from. It was in a dense cluster of wreckage.

A wider scan may render better results with triangulation methods. Right now the group is in too tight to get a more specific reading.


Idzi saw the issue with scanning an began issuing orders. She ordered the two fighter that where with her, to fan out in a general search pattern but go carefully. She also began manoeuvring herself a little further away from the shuttle far enough away to keep in contact and respond quickly to assist the shuttle f it came into issues, but far enough away to aid in the search. It might be nothing but Idzi wanted to be sure.

As she acted she kept in constant contact with the shuttle so they where aware of what she was doing.

Mar. Capt Vix (2 IC CAG)

Following the lead of Captain Vix, Lunan broke off from the fighter group and extended the range of his sensors by shunting power from the runabout’s shield array. With no sign of hostile activity thus far, the Bajoran thought the risk would be outweighed by the reward.

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-


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Triangulation needed patience and observation. The pings were not in a consistent pattern of time and by the location in a cluster of wreckage the signal became confused by reflection off other wrecks. However, after some observation the sensors finally lit up with a match. Within the cluster of wrecks, the sensors highlighted a tangled mass of metal that was about three times the size of a runabout.

The pings every so briefly highlighted an energy signature within when they came. However whether by design or chance that would only have been noted by a focused scan at the time of the ping like you were doing.
- Wookiee

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Lunan kept an eye on the pings as best he could, but it was becoming increasingly frustrating when he couldn’t focus on the exact location of the mystery energy signature. After a minute or two of weighing up his options, the Chief Science Officer reopened a channel to the other ships, “=^= Lunan to Vix, are you also seeing the blip that contains the energy signature? Pinpointing it may require us to get closer to the distortions, is your team prepared to do so? =^=”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-



Idzi thought for a few seconds =^= Its risky, if we get to close we’ll get ripped apart. But if strengthened our shields we should be able to withstand it for a few moments. It wont be much time though=^= She replied through the come. It was a risky move and it could prove to be completely inconsequential

=^= What where you able to tell about the distortions?=^= she asked

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

The region of space was not ‘that’ small. There was room to maneuver. The general shape of this eddy was a flattened sphere, not unlike the shape of the galaxy by comparison. The graveyard of ships was mostly clustered in the center of that with fewer trailing out from there leaving a buffer zone between the edge of the distortion and the graveyard. Yes you’d not want to get out there too close and too far, but you do have room to maneuver.

Toward the edges of the distortion there was fluctuating gravitational - and temporal - forces, and these did snake out in occasional ‘fingers’ farther into that buffer zone.

As mentioned, though, with some triangulation and patience you did have a location marked with a 92% certainty within a tangle of wreckage.
- Wookiee

=^= There appears to be some sort of mass in the centre of one of the distortion’s gravity wells, I’d appreciate if we could come up with a way to pull it out without ripping the runabout to shreds. =^=”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

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While it could be possible to pull it away, it was in a tangle of wreckage. A straight tractor would be .. frustrating without utilizing phasers to cut it away to be free. So yes, it could be done, but not in any kind of quiet under the table subterfuge like fashion.

Vix, who might have been able to fly closer in might see that there was a couple of places where there looked to be welds made to keep that unit inside the mix of wreckage.
- Wookiee

Vix had indeed flown closer and had seen the welds, the problem was her fighter used pulse cannons not phaser so she could ‘cut’ it out. However if her fighter managed to get close enough with a bit of skill the runabout could get close as well. its phaser system would be far better suited to the task.

=^= I can see the object but I have pulse cannons not phasers and we’d need to cut it on the wields to free it. Cannons can’t do that=^ Idzi reported =^but the runabouts phaser could do the job. How good’s your pilot?=^= She asked

Mar Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

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