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Several grueling hours after her arrival Tal’lia wanted nothing more than to visit her quarters but there wasn’t time for it yet. She made her way to Deck eleven and entered the flight deck. When she stepped in and was noticed the staff stood at attention, saluting. She returned the salute, it was usual when a new CAG arrived for the staff to be a little tense and on top of that, she’d cultivated a reputation of being a tough commander. “At ease” She said in her commanding voice “Inform Captain Vix to report to me in my office posthaste” She strode across the room purposefully and entered her office, closing the office door behind her.

Inside her knapsack was waiting for her on her desk. She opened the bag and removed several objects, two holopicture-frames, the first of herself as a baby held in the arms of her Orion mother and her father holding his arm around his family. She placed the frame on the desk and activated the maglock. The second larger frame was of her adoptive family taken in her Fathers island home in the northern hemisphere of Earth on her graduation day. She stood next to her sister and on either side of them were her two brothers. Standing behind them was the hulking figure of her Father smiling widely in his Marine General uniform and next to him the beautiful and regal image of her mother smiling, not as widely but still proudly. She put the frame next to the first and engaged the maglock.

Finally, she removed a small metallic stand and a cloth-covered object. She placed the stand on the desk and engaged its maglock and removed the cloth revealing a malachite whose main pigment matched her skin tone and a small dark red line going around it, a gift from her boot camp friends at graduation, a reminder of her nickname and callsign Malachite Red. A very uninspired joke on her green skin and red hair but practically Shakespearian coming from them. Finally, she threw the bag behind her desk and sat down, and waited for Captain Idzi Vix.

Major Veyo

Seconds later the chime rang and once she was allowed accesses Idzi walked in. She walked over to her new CO snapped to attention and saluted “Marine Captain Idzi Vix reporting as ordered.” she said respectfully “Apologies for not meeting you when you arrived, I was on patrol duty in the next system over.” she added her tone apologetic but still respectful.

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Tal’lia called “Enter” and crossed her legs as she waited. She had on a neutral expression as the Captain gave her apologies “At ease, Captain” Tal’lia returned the salute slowly and indicated to a seat “Tell me about my pilots” She said in a professional tones, conversations could wait.

Major Veyo - CAG

Idzi took the offered seat. “They are a good bunch, some hotshots and couple new recruits but they work well together. The previous CO had a set group he would pick for mission above others. it’s given them a small complex where they see themselves as superior, if you believe the scuttlebutt of course. However I haven’t seen this I’ve had no issues with them. I’m looking into where these rumours came from. Other than that we are operating at peak efficiency although I always try to do a little better” she said pausing for a moment.

Tal’lia grimaced slightly at that, an elite unit was nothing new but there were risks in using one, mostly to squad unity. She quickly smoothed her features however and continued to listen.

“Also the pilots here have knack for personalising their fighters, mostly cosmetic thing like nose art and the like. But a couple, myself include have fine tuned their fighters to their individual flying styles. Nothing dangerous just tweaking efficiency here and there and its all been approved buy the ground crew, engineering and the previous CO. We run simulation every week and we try to launch fighters for actual space training as often as we can, mission permitting.” she added stopping to let the Major ask any question she might have.

She only shook her head slightly and urged the Captain on.

“Finally the relationship between ourselves and the ground Marines is good. Of course there’s banter but nothing nasty and we work well together. We trust each other to do the jobs we need to do” she said finally finishing her report.

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Tal’lia was quiet for a full minute thinking over what her new Second had told her. All pilots were arrogant hotshots, it was a part of the job but they couldn’t get too arrogant at the cost of professionalism. The special squad might be useful but until she got a feeling for how they flew it would be back to regular squads. Personalizing your ships was a time honoured tradition with most pilots and slight modifications was a Starfleet tradition so nothing new there or concerning. She would have to take apart her new ship and put it back together so it would feel right but that could wait. And finally, a good relationship with the Marine detachment was good for any support missions they would probably have to do in the future. After she compiled her thoughts she spoke “Good, I’ll want to see them in action as soon as possible, I want you to reassemble the squadrons, spread out this elite Squadron Major Lardel created equally among the new squadrons. Everyone starts on the bottom until I see they are worth anything” She didn’t try to soften out the harshness in her voice. She knew ‘Hannibal’ only by reputation but she knew he had a good head on his shoulder but these were her pilots now and she would mold them as she needed, not build on an unfamiliar foundation

Idzi nodded “Yes Ma’am. I can get us started by 0800 tomorrow” she said respectfully

“Now tell me about yourself Captain” She said in a softer tone, she was going to work closely with this woman and she didn’t have time for a hostile right hand.

Major Veyo - CAG

Idzi shrugged not sure where to start or what to say “Well as you probably know I’m a joined trill. I’m Vix’s seventh host it gives us centuries of knowledge. which has come in very handy over the years. I was joined a year before I was to join the corps, when I was seventeen. As soon as we joined I felt whole, which was odd to begin with but I’ve got used to it. I’ve served as a pilot my whole career, usually in the thickest of fighting, with a small break in peace time to teach at the academy. I was given my call sign, Valkyrie after a particular rough deployment against a pirate cartel on the outskirts of federation space, a joke based on the very high number of kills I got. I’ve fought pretty much every enemy the federation has known. thanks in part to being joined and to personal experience.” she said simply pausing for a moment

“I always do what ever it takes to complete a mission. But I’ve got in trouble in the past for speaking out against a plan, that I’ve seen as having to many casualties. I won’t let someone waste lives if it can be avoided” she added the conviction in her voice was clear as day.

“Is there anything more specific you’d like to know” she asked

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Tal’lia cocked her head to the side for a moment as she looked at her new second in command, weighing and measuring “Tell me about your first combat engagement” SHe said simply.

Major Veyo - CAG

Idzi thought for a moment, she had many first combat engagements running through her head. And it took a moment to pick hers, Idzi’s out “I was stationed aboard the Eclypso straight out of boot. A week into my first tour we where ambushed by Orion pirates, we where patrolling a sector of space after usually energy readings had been picked up, the energy reading messed with our sensors and that’s when the Orions jumped us. They hit us hard positioning themselves all around us. We launched and engaged the pirates. we did bombing runs in the ships but then they deployed fighters to. I saw so many fighters go down and the Eclypso was heavily damaged. but remembered a weakness in the design of the Orion ships, they where an older class that many hadn’t seen, modified but still fundamentally the same under the hull. I managed to exploit it. I then fed the info to the remaining fighters and the Eclypso and we where eventually able to drive the off.” She said sadly.

“We lost 127 people that day, my best friend Ensign Jack Monroe, my girlfriend private Sayo Shian and my mentor lieutenant James Snowdan were amongst them. The CO was dead as was the CMO, COS and the Fighter commander.” she paused thinking on the lost “It was a massacre but we managed t limp away from it. the crew vowed that day to make those Pirates pay. and when the Eclypso was repaired we did, I earned my call sign then” she added solemnly.

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Tal’lia nodded “Do you have any questions or me Captain?” She asked

Major Veyo - CAG

Idzi nodded “I guess the main ones are what plans do you have for the unit? and how can i assist you with them?” She said respectfully. She was interested to learn what she could after all she wouldn’t very helpful if she didn’t understand what the bigger picture was, and what the plan for the short and long term was.

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

“I’ll start with running some drills, I need to know the skillsets of each pilot and their relative working relationship with each other. You’ll write a report on your assessment of them which I will use as a guide to starting with. Once I’ve got a good understanding I will be rearranging their teams if necessary but ‘Hanniba’ Was nothing if not good at his job” She said referring to her predecessor. “For now we have no specific orders expect to continue patrols and keep an eye out for information for this Investigation Starfleet is heading. Do you know any specifics on that?” She asked

Major Veyo - CAG

Vix nodded “It seems to be a standard diplomatic and scientific mission. We approaching an area of space that as been contested for years. Multiple factions fighting over the same space. I think we are to be diplomatic envoys of sorts and trey and resolve the conflict.” she said simply “So we’ll be on standby for escort or to engage hostiles if things go wrong. standard fair for us really, but I’ve learnt over the years nothing is ever standard” she added.

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

A slight smile appeared on Tal’lia’s lips “Things may never be standard but they are often normal and if anything this sound fairly normal to me” A slight amused “Well now that standard questions are out of the way” She stood up and walked to the replicator in the wall, hitting a few commands a clear glass filled with dark liquid “Tell me about yourself” She grabbed the glass and turned around “Anything to drink?”

Major Veyo - CAG

“Coffee, strong and black. Thanks” she said slightly surprised at the sudden request “I’m not sure where to start, like i said before I’m a joined trill so I have a few things I could talk about. Thanks lost to time. it depends on what you want to know Ma’am” she added respectfully. Idzi wasn’t very good at talking about herself. she had always struggled distinguishing herself, idzi, from Vix and its former hosts

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Tal’lia put the cup of Coffee in front of Vix on the desk before sitting down. She snorted at her answer “Well quite, my mother is a joined Trill, she possesses the Lar symbiote.” She looked at her hand, her green hand and smirked “Adoptive mother” She said before the obvious question could be asked “Let’s start with interests that don’t involve flying, shooting, or other general baddassery”

Major Veyo - CAG

Idzi thought for a second “I’ve always enjoyed art and painting. I used to do commissions for the crew I served with. Bu sometimes i can go a bit to far” she said amusment in her voice “I got into trouble a few times with my COs for over excessive cosmetic customization of my fighter. I used to do my nose art an keep going.” she added before taking a sip of her coffee

“I remember doing a commission for my previous CO and his wife’s wedding anniversary. Apparently he got into trouble wit her because she thought he had gone a brought it from a black market somewhere, because she thought it was t good to be a commission form a crewmember. I showed her some of my work and managed to ease her concerns”

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Tal’lia gave a short snort of amusement “Officer spouses can be a prickly sort that’s for certain” She took a sip from her iced coffee “I wouldn’t mind seeing some of your art some times Captain, the ones not currently decorating the fighters” Her tone was at least a little amused “I always thought it was more of a Human or Romulan thing to paint ones ship”

Major Veyo - CAG

Idzi nodded “It was but it isn’t surprising other races have started to do the same. Humans where and still are a key part in galactic politics, founding both the federation and star fleet. No more is that apparent then in star fleet and the Marine corps. we use Human names for our ships, the old human rank structures, we’re even part of the marine corps named so after the old earth agency and the biggest ship yard is in the sol system, Humanity’s backyard as it where. So its not surprising a lot of there traditions have bled through to the other races that serve the federation.” she said pausing for a moment

“Humanity has left as big a mark on the federation and it organisations as the federation has on the galaxy, No other race in the federation has as much of an influence as humanity does.” she added it was clear that Idzi was not angry or concerned in fact she would happily say she was impressed she had watched the federation grow from tiny origins to the great heights it now reaches, and it all started with a tiny planet with a insatiable curiosity.

Mar.Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Tali raised her glass in agreement “That much is true, I spent some of my childhood on Earth. My mother had a similar view on humanity and the Federation. It’s a great place to be. Tell me Captain are you from Trill proper or a colony?” She asked. She’d only read the pilots military record, she never looked closer into someones personnel files unless necessary, preferring to learn about it from them directly.


“A little colony call Lyara in the outer reaches. My dad is a farmer and my mum is the commander of the planetary defence force. I spent most of my time learning what each role was. I used to dust my dad crops in his crop duster. I learnt to fly doing that” Idxzi said thinking fondly of her childhood.

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Tali smiled at that “Crop duster?” she laughed “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a manned cropduster before, Earth mostly uses drones I think, although never spent much time on farms” The Orion Major said “I understand learning the family trade, My adoptive father was a Marine MP before the Dominion War, a year in they made him General and had him running MARSOC, I spent some time learning Marine politics from him.”

Major Veyo - CAG

Idzi smiled “My father preferred doing it manually, no advanced tech to get in the way of the feeling of flying. It gave him some alone time and time to think. It relaxed him and it did the same for me.” she said a fondness in her voice “We learn a lot from our parents and they learn a lot from us” she added

“I’ve always thought that being an officer is as much about politics, as it is combat and leading those around you. Would you agree Ma’am?” Idzi asked respectfully

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

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