Briefing Lounge - Mission Briefing

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Stepping into the lounge, Freja called for the lights to come on.

Sipping her mocha thoughtfully, she took a seat at the head of the table and waited for her senior staff to arrive.

~Freja Andreassen~

Tal’lia made her way immediately to the Briefing room, it was her first official meeting on the Chimera and she was curious to see the Starfleet crew in action. She stopped outside the door for a moment to tuck down her uniform before entering. She gave the Captain a nod and moved to stand behind a seat and wait until the others arrived.

Major Veyo - CAG

Lunan Farrah had been up late conducting more research into an old project on a way to prevent phaser burns, so took a little longer to get ready before heading down to the briefing room. He was starting to grow a thicker beard than he was used to, but felt as though he was getting used to it . As the turbolift doors parted onto a corridor on the port side of Deck 23, a Duty Officer handed Lunan a PADD that read: Mission Briefing, Science Division. Stepping across the threshold into the Briefing Room, Lunan gave a curt nod to the new CAG officer, Major Velo and turned to his CO, “Captain.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

Freja nodded at her CAG and CSO.

“Have a seat, feel free to get yourself a drink from the replicator too, we’ll get started shortly once everyone’s arrived.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Andrew strode into the room and glanced around. He gave a quick salute to the captain and a nod to everyone else. He straightened his uniform a little bit and went to the replicator, got a cup of black coffee and sat down.

-Major Knox

Koria walked in, wiping her hands on a rag that she tucked into a pocket. Her uniform sleeves were rolled up, and there looked to be some grease stains on her jacket. Pulling out a seat at the far side of the table, she sat down as she looked around the table.

“Captain,” Koria said nodding towards the Captain, before nodding towards the other assembled senior officers.

Lt Sutret - CE

Braxton walked in and nodded to the rest of the crew as he made a beeline to the replicator for a hot jasmine tea with extra agave nectar. Braxton spoke as he quickly found his seat by the captain “Captain, what seems to be the trouble?”

Harris, XO

“We’ve received new orders,” Freja shrugged, “We are to figure out what became of a primative species observation team that’s gone dark and help freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald out with their technical difficulties. Each of you can grab a PaDD,” she gestured to the array of devices on the table, “The details are in our database now as well, it’s a packet sent over by Admiral Rivers which has all the information we have on the planet.”

~Freja Andreassen~

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