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Stepping into the lounge, Freja called for the lights to come on.

Sipping her mocha thoughtfully, she took a seat at the head of the table and waited for her senior staff to arrive.

~Freja Andreassen~

Tal’lia made her way immediately to the Briefing room, it was her first official meeting on the Chimera and she was curious to see the Starfleet crew in action. She stopped outside the door for a moment to tuck down her uniform before entering. She gave the Captain a nod and moved to stand behind a seat and wait until the others arrived.

Major Veyo - CAG

Lunan Farrah had been up late conducting more research into an old project on a way to prevent phaser burns, so took a little longer to get ready before heading down to the briefing room. He was starting to grow a thicker beard than he was used to, but felt as though he was getting used to it . As the turbolift doors parted onto a corridor on the port side of Deck 23, a Duty Officer handed Lunan a PADD that read: Mission Briefing, Science Division. Stepping across the threshold into the Briefing Room, Lunan gave a curt nod to the new CAG officer, Major Velo and turned to his CO, “Captain.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

Freja nodded at her CAG and CSO.

“Have a seat, feel free to get yourself a drink from the replicator too, we’ll get started shortly once everyone’s arrived.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Andrew strode into the room and glanced around. He gave a quick salute to the captain and a nod to everyone else. He straightened his uniform a little bit and went to the replicator, got a cup of black coffee and sat down.

-Major Knox

Koria walked in, wiping her hands on a rag that she tucked into a pocket. Her uniform sleeves were rolled up, and there looked to be some grease stains on her jacket. Pulling out a seat at the far side of the table, she sat down as she looked around the table.

“Captain,” Koria said nodding towards the Captain, before nodding towards the other assembled senior officers.

Lt Sutret - CE

Braxton walked in and nodded to the rest of the crew as he made a beeline to the replicator for a hot jasmine tea with extra agave nectar. Braxton spoke as he quickly found his seat by the captain “Captain, what seems to be the trouble?”

Harris, XO

“We’ve received new orders,” Freja shrugged, “We are to figure out what became of a primative species observation team that’s gone dark and help freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald out with their technical difficulties. Each of you can grab a PaDD,” she gestured to the array of devices on the table, “The details are in our database now as well, it’s a packet sent over by Admiral Rivers which has all the information we have on the planet.”

~Freja Andreassen~

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“Technical difficulties doesn’t seem to be an effective use of the Chimera‘s systems?” Lunan asked pointedly.

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer

The Packet on the Species was put together from the initial reports from the observation team. It started with a description of the Mar’zek as they were apparently called.

The Mar’Zek are a sentient species of humanoids, standing once fully grown between five foot ten inches at the smallest, and eight-foot at the tallest. weighing between one hundred to three hundred pounds. This species from what we can tell evolved from a Salamander-like species, smooth scales cover their dermal layer, these scales are extremely tough and naturally is colored Green, Red, and Orange. their eyes are amber, orange, or green in color. with Horizontal slit pupils, their noses are flush with their skin giving them a smooth face. Their ears are very long, thin, and pointed, extending behind them upwards of a foot long in some cases, Piercings in the ears are a common style choice. Instead of hair, the species grows Tendril growths on their heads, and in the case of the males faces. These Head tails can be cut and removed without pain, and styled much like hair. They also have a tail that extends from their back just above their posterior. These two can be removed without pain and regrown, it is considered the height of humiliation if one has even a single one of these Tail like appendages cut off against the individual’s will. The species have Prehensile feet much like Earth Chimpanzees, however, some wear foot coverings that actually hide that fact. The Mar’Zek also have a venomous bite that seems to be an evolutionary leftover. and even more interesting, life on this planet seems to have evolved to be Dextro-Amino acids based, as opposed to most life so far discovered being based on Levo-amino acid. this means native foods are at best uneatable at worst poisonous to species of the Federation and its galactic neighboors.

The species seems to have a fascination with color, and thus tries to be as wildly colorful as possible using a dye method to change their skin and eye color at will! some of the more affluent of the species can have almost 100 different colors at one time! though any shade of purple has yet to be seen.

The Mar’zek are devoted to living in harmony with nature, it seems that a cataclysmic event has erased most of the species history, and so the population are beginning to question why they have had such a reverence for nature. In this time of Industrial revolution, the species has taken to living in massive city ships, as well as Airships though the Airships seem to only be for the extremely wealthy. all plant and animal life are bioluminescent, and the planet has an overabundance of Geothermal vents which keep the temperature of the world quite comfortable given the planet is in a constant state of Twilight.

GMT Phoenix

“Definetely pre-warp,” Lunan noted, “Do we know anything about the cataclysm that ‘erased history’?”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

OOC Just to Clarify the above was an excerpt with the most relevant info

The Packet had no hard information on the Cataclysm other than whatever it was it had changed the whole course of the Mar’zek as a people the packet also gave the reason the team was observing the Mar’Zek while they had just entered their Industrial Revolution period they had technology that was almost 100 years advanced of where they should be a few examples being primitive internal combustion engine land vehicles Early Radar and Radio and even early plastics

MGT Phoenix

Tal’lia quickly read over the packet and began her second read, focusing on the airships, they seemed particularly interesting to her. I wonder if they require a lot of calibrating She mused to herself. Aloud she said, “Do we have any intelligence pointing to outside interference, either in their cultural and scientific evolution or with our observation team?”

Major Veyo - CAG

The Captain would be aware that, The whole reason for the team being there was to investigate whether or not there was any outside interference. However, there was no strong evidence of it in the reports from the team thus far. The team also by the reports, had been very careful about following protocol in their investigations and observations.

GMT Phoenix

“That’s one of the questions we’ll need to answer Major,” Freja replied, “The observation team has gone dark, so we’re not sure what happened to them, so it’s something we may need to prepare for, however, standard Prime Directive rules apply to this mission.”

~Freja Andreassen~

“I think it would be wise to get use to the feeling of local clothing in order to blend in with the people of the planet.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

OOC Just to clarify we are talking full Prosthetics and everything else This species looks nothing like a human or any other known species :D Also just imagine this species after they learn about Tiedye LMAO but in all seriousness, Standard Steampunk style is fine if your character does not want to be adventurous and go with the skimpy Hillbilly style if anyone has any questions about how i am setting things up please let me know I will be happy to answer any questions that does not spoil the whole sim :P

The packet contained descriptions of such clothing which was found to come in two styles one was very minimalist and could be described as Swamp Hillbilly style apparently the Mar’Zek liked to show off as much of their colorful skin as possible one outfit that was apparently for both genders was a pair of suspenders and a thigh-length pair of shorts for the women they had a shirt if you could call it that to cover up their bust. however, this shirt was optional and women could walk around without it if they wanted

The other style was more akin to standard steampunk leather top hats goggles monocles canes corsets dresses parasols vest jackets petty coats and so on however these were just as if not more so colorful as the Hilbilly style

There was a note of course that the Hillbilly like style was for the poor and the Oonakka or the Un-clanned while the more Steampunk Victorian style was for the rich and the elite of the species of course there were some that wore combinations as well however those were the two general styles of the Mar’zek as far as clothing goes

GMT Phoenix

OOC: Goggles for everyone! xD


“Indeed, we may need to plan a few away missions, at least once we have an idea of where on the planet we need to look for the team,” Freja replied, “We’ll know more once we connect with the Fitzgerald,” she paused, “Engineering, you’ll probably run point on assisting the Fitzgerald in their technical issues, while Science will run point on figuring out how best to integrate with the Mar’zek without violating the prime directive while we start to piece together what happened to the observation team. Medical will need to obviously prep for some makeovers potentially, while security and the marine departments will coordinate with the science department. If we need to go down to the surface, I want us to keep our people safe, we don’t need two missing teams. Major Veyo, we may need you to run fighter patrols if the Fitzgerald needs extra protection while we conduct repairs as well.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Lunan cleared his throat, “Captain, I believe it would be beneficial if we liased with the crew of the Fitzgerald in order to come up with the best options for both ships.” Farrah normally became a little resistant to the idea of working with others on projects, but had to admit to himself that working in groups was part and parcel of being a Starfleet Officer.

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

Tal’lia was reading over the local fashion when the Captain started giving out assignments, it looked like something straight out of a cheesy holonovel, very fun. She looked up and gave a sharp nod “Yes Ma’am” Was all she said, the assignment was fairly basic, running escort missions with an unknown risk factor, the best way to see how good her pilots really were.

Major Veyo - CAG

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