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Posted Jan. 17, 2022, 12:21 p.m. by Gamemaster GMT Phoenix (GMT) (Kirt Gartner)

I worry that despite my best efforts in describing the Mar’Zek that a big mistake is about to be made by you the lovely players of the USS Chimera!

The Mar’Zek is a Reptillian Species They Do not look anything like any of the current species that are on the USS Chimera! Characters that are going on the away mission are going to have to go to Sickbay and have Prosthetics applied, much like in that one Deep Space 9 Episode where Sisko and a few others were temporarily made to look like they were fully Klingon so they could go after a changing infiltrator. If the away team beams down without proper disguises, it will violate the Prime Directive completely and totally! This species is NOT warp-capable, they are just starting their Industrial Revolution, with the most popular means of Powering their technology being Boiling water to make Steam!!! I urge Players To reach out to me on Discord, as I do have a rough drawing available though some details of the drawing are completely wrong (Artist took a few liberties :P but it was free so I cant complain) so we can discuss further any concerns or issues you may have and Not Pull a Johnathan Archer a screw a species up well before they are ready!


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