Annual Chimera Christmas Party: Lounge

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Koria took a deep breath before stepping into the lounge. Parties and, she tried not to shudder, socializing were not what she would normally consider leisure activities. But as a member of the senior staff, it was also expected that she would at least show up for a little bit. Hopefully they would appreciate the fact that she had taken the opportunity to get cleaned up, and put on a something other then her uniform.

As she walked in she noticed Cmdr. Harris putting up some final decorations, and the small Constitution class ship flying around dropping snow. “Commander,” she said towards him with a slight nod.

Lt Sutret - CE

Andrew walked in, a figure one might not recognize out of uniform, and walked around. He always appreciated the holidays and the peaceful times that came with them.

-Andrew Knox

Having spent the majority of his formative years on Bajor, Lieutenant Lunan Farrah was not too all familiar with the holiday traditions of humans. He decided to conduct what he liked to call recreational research into various forms of Earth seasonal traditions. After spending an hour replicating a suit in the green and red colours commonly seen in the Earth holiday known as ‘Christmas’, Lunan crossed over into the lounge and headed in the general direction of Lieutenant Sutret and Commander Harris, “Good evening to you both. Happy holidays.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

Braxton was finishing the last touch ups in the galley after hanging all the streamers. Peeking through the open bar, he noticed a steady stream of people in the lounge. Walking out of the galley to the bar with 2 small platters full of delicious slightly warm sugar cookies decorated with frosting to look like a snow man. He placed them on top of the bar gently. “Welcome! Don’t just stand around. Come here. I’ve got something for you all.” Braxton slid both platters of cookies forward just enough to where the crew can reach out for it. Braxton smiling waiting for a response.

Harris, XO

Idzi wasn’t human but the joined trill had learnt. That the humans idea of Christmas was an amazing time of year. A time for joy, for giving and to enjoy those around you. It surprised her even after all her centuries of seeing it, that Christmas had endured after so many other festivals fell to history. But standing in the galley watch everyone smile, she could start to see why it had.

Ever the diplomat she enjoyed the atmosphere of talking to others. Of getting to know as many people as you could. Even if it just came down to saying hi in passing sometimes that was the best thing someone could do.

Mar. Capt Styxx (Marine OIC)

Koria looked at the platters that Braxton had placed on the bar. They smelled pretty good, but she was still a bit hesitant. Picking one up she looked it over. “What are they Commander?”

Lt Sutret - CE

“The one you have is called a snickerdoodle. The one next to it on the right is chocolate chip, and the last one is peanut butter cookies.”

Harris, XO

“Sounds delicious Commander,” Freja spoke from the door, she had arrived a little late due to communique from command. She also had a mysterious small box in hand. She seemed to be rather jovial though.

~Freja Andreassen~

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Over by the lounge’s impromptu setup bar and food table, one of the smallest of the Chimera’s crew was present using a large rolling stand to mix and serve drinks or food. Standing barely at 4‘4 in height, the female Ool was a rare sight in Starfleet. Being a stout, vaguely-humanoid terrestrial toads in appearance she certainly stood out among the party goers.

OOC: For reference the Ool are a custom race made by Shalon Hurlbert and approved by the GMDept for general use, info on them can be found here

The stout toad like female was a flurry of activity serving mostly Syntheol oriented drinks, all the flavor and effects of real alcohol but able to be shaken off by the rush of Adrenaline if needed in an emergency....or so it was said by most. “..Here you go NE Stills, one Raspberry flavored Andorian Fizzle! Just dont snort the sugary powder up your nose!” she said sliding the glass over before turning her attentions elsewhere to her next customer.

NE Sumpen (From The Waste Management Department!)

Andrew took a snickerdoodle from the XO’s offerings and eyed the gathering crowd, doing his best to not look like he was eyeing them suspiciously. Though oftentimes that was tougher than it sounded.


Braxton walked towards the center of the room in a clear out loud voice he spoke up “Can I have your attention please. On behalf of myself and Captain Andreassen, we’d like to welcome you all to the Chimera’s holiday party. I figured we would do a quick toast. So everyone raise your glasses”

Harris, XO

Aaryn raised her glass of eggnog as she had been asked, looking toward the command team but also scanning the room as she did so. She hadn’t been able to mingle as much as she wanted to just yet, but she figured after the toast, she would make the rounds. Occasions like this were nice because most people were relaxed and not thinking about titles or duties. It was an opportunity to get to know each crew member as an individual while hopefully no one was overly concerned about her being a mental health professional. Today, she just wanted to be Aaryn.

~Dr. Aaryn McClain, Counselor

Idzi raised her glass with the others and observed the room. While she was good at talking to people she wasn’t very good at actually starting a conversation. She figure she would just walk the room smiling an laughing. Someone was bound to pull her into a conversation eventually and if not, at least she got a chance to enjoy the company of others.

Mar. Capt Vix (2IC CAG)

Freja raised her glass, “Yes, thank you all for coming. It’s nice to unwind, though I do have a bit of business to discuss, but it can wait until Commander Harris finishes his toast.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Braxton raised his glass of eggnog “May our beverages and foods keeps us filled. May this fellowship sustains us until we do this again. To the Chimera! Merry Christmas!”

Harris, XO

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