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The packet command had sent to the Chimera was uploaded to all of the department head consoles so they could take deeper dives and prepare for the mission ahead if the Marrine commander or the CAG had any questions now was the time to see if there were answers available

GMT Phoenix

Tal’lia checked the packet for any notable ship movement of the area and any relevant tactical info, as well as sensor data for the area they would be patrolling to see if there would be any spatial anomalies or something similar that would disrupt standard operations.


Little was known about the area of space however, there was some General shipping traffic including a couple of Ferengi ships. Though usually, any ship spotted near this system was just passing through as it were. whether or not any ship actually landed and interfered was unknown.

No ship had been in the system long enough to scan in-depth for any such anomalies, even then there had been no unusual elements of any such anomalies coming out of the system, to begin with, so that was likely a dead end.

The weather of the planet was found to be surprisingly hot and humid, despite the planet being in a perpetual state of Twilight. This was because of the abundant Geothermal vents pumping out hot geothermal steam. Otherwise, the planet’s weather was much the same as earth prior to the weather control systems of today’s earth that is. swirling masses of Cold and Warm air creating storms. The scans also showed that the Planet was 95% water and that the only land was many scattered islands, these Islands were not big enough to contain the entire population. which was why most lived on their massive City and town Ocean Ship and Air Ships.

The Airships usually remained at an altitude of around 200 meters or 650 feet. If the Pilots were sent out as recon, so long as they stayed much higher, or used cloud cover there was little chance of being spotted by these flying cities.

MGT Phoenix

Lia made a mental note to have the Science geeks make take some detailed scans of those airships, they might make for an entertaining Holodeck program when this was over. She started typing up her briefing for the flight staff. There wasn’t enough intelligence but she started creating possible scenarios where airborne recon was neccecary, with standard RoE high altitude flights would be necessary but that was fairly standard, the most worrying part would be the standard escort.

Finally, she put in a request for the weather projections and for constant weather watch to be maintained in case they needed to use cloud cover.

Major Veyo - CAG

Andrew needed to find something a little hard to pin down. Cultural attitudes. Medical science could do wonders with prosthetics but if they were caught, he needed to know what sort of reaction he might expect to first contact.

-Major Knox

with the info on hand there was no real straight answer really it depended on the individual some could get violent others might freak out and run away there was no way to answer for sure the best thing though would be NOT to get caught that would also save them from a lot of hot water when it came to the Prime Directive Violation

GMT Phoenix

Tal’lia looked at the Major, a half-smile on her lips “Looking forward to a fight Major?” She asked wryly, in the tone one only took with another member of the armed branch.

Major Veyo - CAG

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