Main Sim Arrival in HP-4960Z

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Posted by Gamemaster GMT Phoenix (GMT) in Main Sim Arrival in HP-4960Z
a few hours later the USS Chimera would exit warp on the edge of the system there were eight planetary bodies in the system the stars of the system were a pair of Binary Dwarfs one white one brown the third planet was their destination it was on the very outermost edge of the Goldilocks zone meaning the Mar’Zek were lucky that they even had an existence in orbit of the small planet was the Lightfoot class Cargo Freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald it was in a stable high orbit and was running dark on the side of the ship facing the planet respecting the Prime Directive even if they were not Starfleet

as the Chimera approached the planet the Operations officer called out “The Fitzgerald is hailing us” she said turning to look at the captain and XO.

GMT Phoenix

“Open channel,” Freja responded, standing.

~Freja Andreassen~

OOC: I’m back, I’m going to leave my LOA up for just a day or two while I catch up on a bunch of work that happened while I was spending time with family.

The officer opened the channel and appearing on the viewscreen was the olive-skinned careworn face of the Fitzgerald’s captain Felix Sherman he was a tall man and the wrinkles crossing his face showed he had many years of being a freighter captain under his belt his sliver hair was thinning but he still had a full head of it when he spoke it was a deep powerful voice this was a man who if he had taken a different career track might have well become an Admiral within Starfleet “This is Captain Sherman of the SS Edmond Fitzgerald Admiral Rivers said she would be sending a Starfleet ship to deal with the situation here I assume that would be you?” he asked kindly

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