Transporter Room 1 - Away Team Assemble!

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NE Porter double checked his transporter controls while he waited for the away team to assemble in the room for beam-down. He bounced a bit on his toes, trying to alleviate some of the boredom as he often found waiting for this type of thing could get a bit tedious.

Hopefully soon he’d have some people to beam down.

~NE Porter~

Lieutenant Javal - or perhaps that’s what he would have been referred to had he not looked like the species of alien that they were now beaming down to assess - stepped with a certain nearly imperceptible spring in his step into the transporter room. He had traveled very light, and did so on purpose. If the Mar’zek were to have a chance discovery of any of his modern medical implements, the jig would be up, so to speak. Instead, Dr. Javal took the opportunity to research and provide himself with a more antiquated set of medical tools all stashed inside an old-school black leather doctor’s bag that one would have seen more commonly in the 19th to 20th centuries on Earth, which he devised would be most appropriate for the reported technological advancements of the culture they were attempting to blend in with. Or, so he was led to believe.

“Dr. Javal, reporting for duty,” he said simply to the NE waiting nearby at the transporter console. He took his position near the transporter pads and awaited the rest of the away team.

[Lieutenant Junior Grade Javal - CMO]

Andrew entered next. Also not appearing as himself, and not exactly sure what to do or say in this appearance, he stood on the pad and gave a quick hello to Javal and the transporter operator.

-Maj. Knox

“We’re just waiting on a few more folks to join, but the coordinates are in the system and we’ll be able to get going once everyone’s here,” NE Porter replied helpfully, as he double-checked his consoles.

~NE Porter~

Lt. Ducante entered geared up with his security equipment and three other security personnel ensigns behind him. They stood awaiting orders to enter the shuttle, after just being going their orders for the away mission.
Lt. Ducante, CoS

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