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The jungle on this world was alive with the sounds of life strange creatures. croaks, caws, and buzzes all around, the Vegetation was thick and lush, the air equal to that of a Tropical island, and thick with the smell of a swamp! However, the ambient light level was very low, the world seemed to be stuck in a permanent twilight due to the nature of the twin stars of this system. There was still plenty of light to be had as the Plantlife and even some of the Animal life was bioluminescent, in a small clearing the animals became agitated sensing a change they could not understand.

a few moments later the whirring whine of the Transporters filled the air, the away team would find themselves in a clearing with some small wooden benches set up almost as if this was a rest stop along a walking path. this, of course, was the coordinates pre-arranged by the Observation team as the beam down location for replacements, or for any other authorized visitors. From where they were they could see a small road more like a walking path. and a wooden sign, that would point the travelers in two directions, one was the town the Observation team cover story had them come from. while the other was where they would need to start their investigation.

The packet would also have alerted the Away team that the Observation squad had a native contact in the city. whom they should go to for help in the event that the Observation team disappeared! this contact was a Seafood vendor down at the docks his name was Gal’mik, also in such an event their cover story would be that they are friends of the “Archeology team” and they were worried the team had not contacted them in quite some time so they came to find them.

Now the team just needed to make their way into the town now!

GMT Phoenix

“I guess we should head to the city and make contact with Gal’mik, see what he might know,” NE Strong mused, continuing to check out the surroundings cautiously.

~NE Kyra Strong~

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Only but a few seconds after de-materializing off of the Chimera, Dr. Javal found himself quite literally in the midst of a strange new world, while looking just like a strange new…Mar’zek, it seems.

His eyes took a moment to adjust to the twilight, and what immediately drew his attention first was the vibrant bioluminescent light show of the surrounding flora and fauna that greeted him.

“Fascinating…It appears that a significant portion of the lifeforms on this planet have evolved in a convergent manner a similar form of bioluminescent activity. My speculation is that the flora of this planet may be highly reliant on a form of chemosynthesis to sustain their physiology, given the low ambient light generated by the binary star system…” he said, peering over at his Science Department colleagues in an effort to coax any other observations they might have on the subject.

The Vulcan assumed that it would be most logical to amass as much knowledge about HP-4960Z’s environs as possible in order to not arouse any suspicion from its local inhabitants. And, perhaps, to satisfy his own deep-seated curiosity.

[Lieutenant Junior Grade Javal - CMO]

Of interest was an insect it looked almost like an Earth ladybug however it was the size of a Small Bird it was Purple with bright green bioluminescent spots on its shell approching from behind was another insect this looked like a cross between an earth grasshopper, and an earth Praying Mantis it tried to pounce on the ladybug as the ladybug took off into it seemed to shimmer into multiple versions of itself and the Mantis hopper grabbed only one of these fakes however almost as quickly the ladybug was snatched out of the air by what looked like a frog with a single eye it had purple bioluminescent lines and spots on its body which helped it to blend into the purple plants it was sitting in

That was just a small sample of the life the tricorders were reading however they had a mission to complete and as the party set out down the road towards La’putauu little did they know they had a grand adventure laying before them

GMT Phoenix

“Rather interesting bits of fauna, wouldn’t you agree?” NE Strong mused to anyone who might hear.

~NE Strong~

Andrew took a second to adjust before glancing around, checking for any Mar’zek in the area. “Very interesting.” He responded to NE Strong. It’s remarkable. he thought. “NE Strong is right, we might want to head towards the town.”

-Maj. Knox

OOC I am going to assume that the group is setting out now?

IC As the group was about to step out onto the road there was a loud sound coming their way from the opposite direction in mire moments a large primitive road vehicle pulled up it was slightly wider than the current path almost like the road was not made for the vehicle it was about the size of a Small earth pickup truck circa 1995 but it was definitely on par with something more like the Ford Modle T the driver stopped the vehicle and looked at the group the translators luckily were able to begin translating right away lifting the goggles and turning to look at them it was a Female Mar’zek her skin was a deep red but had splotches of Copper and Turquoise stripes one of her eyes was also Turquoise the other was Copper in color her long head tails were tied back in a ponytail a spiffing top hat perched on top of the bundle she wore a black leather corset elbow-length gloves and a long black Frilly Asymmetrical style skirt with the right side being longer than the left she did not wear any of the Shoes leaving her prehensile feet free to be useful but from her heels to her knees she had on black leather greeves

“Well Mapu Mapu(Hello) to you Don’t see too many people traveling this path anymore where might you folks be headed?” she asked quite kindly

GMT Phoenix

Lunan stepped close to Andreassen and piped up before anyone could speak, “We decided to catalogue some of the plantlife around the jungle, you never know what you might find when people haven’t been around here in so long.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

Braxton spoke up “Mapu Mapu we’re headed in to town.”

Harris, XO

NE Strong hung back, letting the XO speak to the newcomer, but she remained observant.

~NE Kyra Strong~

“Well I am Mel’ishka why don’t you all hop in and I will give you a ride into town,” she said happily The away team might remember that every shade of color had meaning to the Mar’Zek with this woman the shade of red indicated her clan the Copper ment she was a merchant and the Turqouise…actually Turqoise was not noted in the packet as of yet so that color was unknown

GMT Phoenix

Farrah hung on to the back of the cart on the opposite side of Ensign Strong, allowing him to take one last eye scan of the fauna around the jungle before the cart and the away team set off at pace towards town.

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

once the away team was on board the vehicle in whatever capacity they could fit Mel’ishka put the vehicle in gear and they lurched off towards their destination “So I assume you all are coming from Ki’mai’oui like I am though may i ask what you all are headed to Min’asu’i for?” she asked as they drove

GMT Phoenix

“Supplies. We are low on some food and medicine.”


“We’re also looking for our friends, they are archaeologists. We’re a bit worried as we have not heard from them in some time,” NE Strong piped up, keeping her tone friendly and open.

~NE Strong~

At first she looked confused by Harris’ comments but at Strong’s words, Mel’ishka turned and stared at her with that Turquoise eye while keeping her other one on the road a smile on her face “Oh I see....Well I hope you find what you are looking for I have a friend he’s a seafood merchant probably give you a good deal his name is Gal’mek” she said with a soft smile “Luckily my stall is right next to his we will find your friends don’t you worry!” she added confidently

GMT Phoenix

“Do you also sell alchemical supplies? I’m a scientist, an some of the methods I have used in the past may come in handy for finding our friends.” What the Mar’Zek didn’t know, was that it would also give Lunan an oppourtunity to see how the people of this world conducted experiements of a scientific nature.

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

“With the fact you all are in solid natural colors I mistook you for Oonaka,” she said the translators instantly picked up that work to mean Unclanned Socially the whole Party was on the bottom of the totem pole and information might be a bit harder to gather

they drove on into the bustling city which was built on the side of a cliff and ran all the way to the ocean a massive port with hundreds of ships ranging from something the size of the Titanic all the way up to something the size of early 21st Century Container ships most were roughly around the size of the titanic there were only one or two of the Container ship sized vessels Mel’ishka drove them to the port where it seemed a market was also set up arriving at a stall she pointed to a Tall Blue male Mar’zek was bright orange swirls and copper lining “That’s Gal’mek I hope he can help you find you’re friends” she said turning to her truck she began to unload supplies and get them ready to sell at her stall

GMT Phoenix

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“Thank you,” NE Strong spoke politely, disembarking from the truck and waiting for the rest of the away team to do the same so they could move toward Gal’mek and hopefully gain some information about the observation team.

~NE Strong~

the Blue Mar’Zek turned “MAPU MAPU What can I do for you I have the freshest Mis’appan and the Ka’alapa is some of the freshest he said motioning to his stock the Mis’appan turned out to be something that looked like a four-eyed Salmon with grey scales and what almost looked like rocks embedded in the body and the Ka’alapa was a jet black shellfish of a kind that had 20 legs and four pincer arms

though as he saw more of the away team gathering around Strong he started to wonder “You are not here for Fresh food huh?” he asked clearly a little worried

GMT Phoenix

“I would love to sample some of this food when we have the time my friend, I’ll be back.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-



“We’re looking for a group of our friends.” Andrew spoke up “Archaeologists by trade. We haven’t heard from them in a while, and we’ve gotten worried. But we’ll no doubt be back for the food.”

-Maj Knox

OOC I would like to remind everyone That the Food Is Inedible for Humans or anyone not from this planet this is stated in the packet here Small retcon please double-check the packet for the needed information Sorry that i am so bad at this but it is the first sim i have ever planned out after all


his eyes went wide when Major Knox spoke up “Oh I was afraid of this…They left the port about 4 rotations ago their ship has not been heard from the port authorities have just dispatched a search ship however its the law of the sea out there as you know there is always a bigger ship!” he said moving out from behind his stall and putting up a sign written in a strange language probably says Closed “First though I need to make sure so there should be a password so if you can give me that We can move forward!” he said sternly

GMT Phoenix

“We sail the endless seas under the bright stars,” NE Strong spoke from memory.

~NE Kyra Strong~

Gal’mek let loose with a huge sigh of relief “Good I can take you to their place” he said pulling a paper sign out from under his stall it had alien writing on it but more than likely it said something to the effect of Closed, Out to lunch or Be back in some short unit of time nodding to Mel’ishka who nodded back probably some understanding between them about keeping an eye on the stall while he dealt with them he would lead them through the streets which were bustling with large groups of Mar’Zek all extremely colorful “Funny though You all look to be Oonaka are you sure that you guys are friends with these fine archeologists I mean yes you have the password and all” he said as he lead them along though it was clear he was a little suspicious of their appearance

GMT Phoenix

NE Torvalds of the Engineering Department had not said anything whatsoever, as he had been dispatched as an observer with little to no authority as to actual mission interaction. If the research equipment was broken, he could repair it, but that was about it. He had volunteered for the mission, in part because, as a Saurian, he was able to be disguised as a local a little more easily than the others. However, he couldn’t help but notice a bit of exclusionism in the Mar’zek’s voice.

“The archeologists have a wide array of associates,” he said in the local tongue, not quite sure why he had done it.

  • NE Torvalds, Engineering

Gal’mek looked very confused by that “I don’t know where about in this world you come from but around here its just the way it is Those who like yourselves have standard solid color are Oonaka and thus don’t have much in the way of opportunities If i were you I would head to the Colorists if you can afford it and get some more colors” he said as they began to approach a building he pulled out a key “here is their shop I hope you find them…They are good people!” he said softly before turning to walk back to his stall

GMT Phoenix

Lunan nodded in thanks and whispered to Ensign Torvalds, “Your grasp of the language in such a short time is… impressive, Ensign.”

-Lieutenant Lunan Farrah: Chief Science Officer-

“Let’s see if there’s some clues lying about as to what might have happened to our friends,” NE Strong spoke up, “Hopefully something will give us a direction.”

~NE Strong~

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