Side Sim: Holodeck 4 - Nothing Wrong With A Little Game (Open to all, NPCs welcome)

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Daneg was busy at the desk in his office, making sure that everything was going smoothly on the ship. Because of the height of the species on the planet which the Chimera was orbiting, Daneg was left waiting on the ship. There was no possible way to disguise him, even as a youth, because of all of his lobes (both brain matter and ears). However, if this was as short of a trip as it promised to be, they were probably going to be leaving quite soon. At least, that was Daneg’s hope.

It would have been nice to have some company, though. That was one thing about being a Ferengi in a Starfleet uniform - in spite of being approved by the Academy and a slew of officers, nobody really trusted him enough to become his friend. He wasn’t sure that he could blame them that much; friendship in Ferengi society was of a nature where, if there wasn’t shared reciprocity in business, there wasn’t much point to it. Additionally, the Ferengi drive to achieve desired goals via any means necessary, provided the cost was not higher than the benefit, made Daneg seem somewhat amoral, even though, as far as other Ferengi were concerned, he was actually morally grey, since he had made some stable investments that would leave him with plenty of wealth in his old age, but was not pursuing as much profit as possible.

“Nothing like making sure that a huge disk with nacelles can leave orbit,” Daneg said to himself.

  • Daneg, CE

After his shift ended, Daneg was still left waiting for further orders beyond making sure that the ship was staying in orbit and that everything was functional. He didn’t really miss homely comforts all that much - there were reasons why he had left the Alliance in favor of serving Starfleet, and those “homely” environs were part of it - but at times, he did default to the typical methods of Ferengi diversion. This, of course, included what amounted to attempts to make idle profit. Elsewhere, it was called gambling, but of course, in the Alliance, most people considered it a “high risk, high reward method of profit mongering successful only to the incredibly savvy or the incredibly lucky”. Admittedly, most left out the part that the successful ones were typically the ones running the games, not the ones playing them.

In spite of this, he did like Earth’s historic gambling towns, or at least the recreations which he had seen. They were such meccas of hedonism, but they all had their own style and flair - some for the masses, some for those who had little money and less sense, and some that were solely for the elite with profits to spare. He had designed a holodeck program which blended these sensibilities and swapped the games out for those more familiar on Ferenginar - with the exception, due to its potentially complicated betting practices and winning scenarios, of pai gow (both the poker and domino variants). This time, however, he walked onto the holodeck, opened the casino program, and went straight to the restaurant.

He had programmed people off-duty to receive an alert that the program was available (the benefit of being the Chief Engineer), but it was unobtrusive, so people would have to be looking for the alert to see it. He hadn’t actually pointed the alert out to anybody, but he certainly wasn’t about to start now. He had donned civilian clothes, and was, for all intents and purposes, dressed to look like part of the program.

  • Lieutenant Daneg, CE

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