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The Away team would slowly come back around how long they were out was a mystery all they knew was they were sitting on solid rock in what looked like a small dug out room just outside the room were two Mar’zek one was pitch black and had Turquoise splotches while the other was a chocolate brown and also had Turquoise in stripes both Mar’Zek had their backs to the Away team and looked to be guarding them for now

The Team was all tied up back to back there was a little bit of light though from what they could tell they were all still in their disguises and still had their clothes though the XO might feel that his face was starting to peel a bit at the top of his forehead which could give them away. For the time being, they were still all together, and they were all alive! Their pockets would feel completely empty, they had been searched and everything they had on them Gear and equipment-wise was now missing from them their bags were nowhere to be found

GMT Phoenix

Keitah slowly came to and realize she was tied up, her back against someone elses. She didn’t know who she was tied to, but she began to struggle attempting to free herself from her binds. When she realized it was useless she glared at the Mar’Zek guarding them and said, “Hey! You can’t keep us here like this. What do you want? What did you do with our stuff.” She made another attempt to break free of her binds before she looked at the XO. Her eyes widened as she realized his disguise was peeling off.

Naisyr, Counselor

NE Strong tested the limits of her bindings, mindful of the person behind her.

“Tying us up is a funny way of proving we’re safe with you,” She mused out loud after the CNS had spoken, remembering the voice she heard just before her lights went out.

~NE Kyra Strong~

NE Torvalds woke up and saw the room around him, then realized that his ploy had both worked and failed. The assailants had fled, just in time for someone else to take interest.

“Given the absence of our belongings, I believe that the Prime Directive is officially violated here,” he said, lacking anything useful to do which came to mind.

  • NE Torvalds

Lunan stroked his head for a moment, trying to appease the pain caused by a massive headache. It was only when he rubbed his scalp, that he noted the Mar’Zek prosthetic was starting to peel away. Cursing under his breath, Lunan addressed the away team, “Is anyone starting to lose their disguises?”

-Lt. Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-

Torvalds was right, the prime directive was most likely not a concern anymore but she still didn’t want her or anyone else’s cover blown. “Shhhhh.” Keitah hissed at the XO as her eyes motioned toward the Mar’Zek guarding them. She laughed nervously and said, “You must have hit him pretty hard. He just isn’t making any sense.” Behind her back her hands secretly worked trying to free themselves just in case anything went down.

Naisyr, Counselor

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as the Team members started to make noise the brown Mar’Zek turned to see that the “Guests” were awake then turned and walked away leaving the black one to continue guarding

a Few moments later in walked a Mar’zek the party knew well it was that merchant woman that gave them a ride into the city Mel’ishka “Hey Sorry about the ropes Just needed to make sure you guys did not try anything when you woke up at least until we had a chance to talk First off I want to know who you guys really are because No Unclanned Mar’zek such as how you present would have been in with that Archeology group or have a gadget like this” she said kneeling before the away team and holding up one of the team’s hand Phasers “Gave us a good scare when we started pushing buttons on it, don’t worry nobody was hurt We have basic firearms rules and as far as we could tell this was a type of firearm…So again Who are you with and what are you all doing here?” she asked smiling brightly

“There must be some mistake,” Lunan said, resisting the urge to push his Mar’Zek disguise back onto his face, “We’re just farmers visiting from another town.”

-Lt. Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-

Torvalds grunted at the CSO. When caught in a lie, the rule of improvisation was to agree and add. The Bajoran was doing the wrong thing.

“Sir, we may as well accept that our deception did not work,” Torvalds said, thinking quickly. “Removing all of our clan markings failed to let us go unnoticed; we talked to too many people. Hiding our clan affiliations was clearly a mistake.”

He turned to the captor addressing them. “I am of the same clan as one of the assistants in the Archaeology group. We have a common ancestor three generations hence. When we stopped receiving communications, we did not know why, and so took certain precautions. Clearly, they were insufficient.”

He knew it was a little too much - he wasn’t exactly sure what clan markings any of the researchers had used, so he could not actually name the clan - but it was better than actually admitting to be extraterrestrials.

  • NE Torvalds

Keitah concentrated on trying to break free, however she added in a much calm tone, “As my colleague said we are with the archaeology Mar’Zeks, they stopped communicating with us and we are here to determine their whereabouts. Maybe we can trade information. You want to know about the firearm and we just want to find our missing group.”

Naisyr, Counselor

Lunan knew that the facade was gone so resigned to joining his officers in negotiating, “Please, we don’t mean you any harm, we just need to find our people.”

-Lieutenant Commander Lunan Farrah: XO-

Strong continued to discreetly test the strength of the bindings on her arms, whilst watching what their captors would do with the information provided by other members of the team.

~NE Strong~

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Keitah realized she was tied to Ensign Strong. She turned her head as far as it would go toward her and whispered, “What do you think? Any chance of us maneuvering our way out of these restraints?”

Naisyr, Counselor

Mel’ishka narrowed her eyes for a second then pointed the Phaser at the wall and fired it the red beam lanced out and struck the rock from the blast pattern it was clearly on Kill though Mel’ishka probably did not understand that just yet “This is unlike anything our people have come up with so far…Not to mention I can see his face peeling away” she said pointing to Lieutenant Farrah there was a soft smile on her face as she watched them squirm

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