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Hannibal had gone to do, well whatever it was that he needed to do to finalize their arrival. Better him than her. Iris was not likely to smooth anything over with anyone. She tended to say and act without a filter and tell it like it was. She didn’t really care if people liked it. It was a hard lesson learned when she’d first joined the Federation Marines and landed on Earth.

Oni had gone to start the long process of medical check-ins for the entirety of the 214. Her squad would be up soon, and they would report as required, but for now, Siraa was on the flight deck helping to haul cargo out of the troop transports. Siraa was thankful for efficient labelling. Chief Hassler had the wingnuts all running at efficiency. Tools, spare parts, maintenance equipment they had brought with them were being sent down to deck 14. Transport 10 and Lardel’s fighter were being sent down in the large lifts for maintenance. Beta, Charlie, and Delta squads’ birds were being taken down to the hanger and Alpha’s set up on the flight line ready to go.

Grumpy and one of the SAR aviators were hauling crates into the squad ready rooms and pilot briefing room to the side of the flight deck. In short order those rooms were prepped with flight group and squad insignia, awards, banners, and various items. Chairs and tables were moved from room to room to ensure the right amount of workspace for each squad. Lardel’s aide was making sure flight ops was set up and working to the CAGs specifications, so Siraa didn’t mess with that. She hauled crates up to the CAG and Squad leader offices and left them to the side of the door ways. She would have time enough later to ‘personalize’ her office space.

Coming back down the ladder she heard “Captain” called out across the deck and looked up to see a Sgt jogging towards her. “What is Sgt?” The woman came to a halt and crisp attention. “We’re trying to get the personal gear ready to transport to quarters but we haven’t been given assignments yet. We don’t know where to send it.”

Siraa pulled a small PaDD out of the cargo pocket of her pants and scanned through the files they were sent before Lardel left for his meetings. “Aviators will all go to deck 16, bunked in groups of 4. All other flight crew will go to deck 20, billeted with the rest of the marines.” Lucky them, Iris thought. A bed was a bed, but she’d rather be in whatever passed for Marine country. Practice kept the thought to herself. “They will also bunk in groups of 4. Tell them to check the squad rooms, I’ll get the list of assignments posted.” Soon the displays in the squad rooms lit up with a list of who was being bunked where and with whom.

Finally everything was off loaded and sitting in stacks on anti-grav sleds by the large doors to the flight deck. “Alright let’s get this stuff and ourselves out of Hassler and the wingnuts’ way. Get settled and then we’ll meet on deck 8 at the crew lounge for a meal before we report back for further orders. Dismissed.” Those not on duty filed out of the flight deck taking bags and duffels with them.

Siraa grabbed her bag and made a fast stop to find her quarters on deck 16. A double room, to be shared, but so far no one assigned. She tossed her bag on the bed of the left side bedroom and pulled out a clean kelly green duty uniform. Siraa preferred her flight suit, but she wasn’t scheduled to fly at the moment, so duty uniform it was. Then she left to make a tour of deck 16 and make sure everyone had found their bunk. If there were any personality conflicts between the assignments they would be worked out because they did not want her, Shinzo, or Lardel getting involved. Next stop was deck 20 to check on the flight crew there and to introduce herself to her Battalion counter part. There would be more official introductions and conversations later. After all Siraa’s squad would be in charge of providing their transportation. For now though it was just to put a name with a face.

Less than an hour later, Siraa entered the crew lounge on Deck 8. She had to admit she liked it wasn’t designated for only officers or enlisted, but for everyone. She took a seat at a table and watched as in the next 15 minutes there was so much green in the room it almost drowned out the standard fleet blue/grey carpeting and beige walls.

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta Sqd Leader

Spartacus had only been on the ship a short time. This was the hard part of transferring; getting adjusted. There was always seemed to be a series of groups.
He entered the lounge and saw a place that seemed emptied. “Is this seat taken?”


Siraa looked up, as did the other Marines sitting near her. Her antenna curled forward in curiosity. She had to admit she admired the man for approaching and even daring to join them. Not many would. Under the table her foot pushed the chair out. “It will be when you sit. Join us,” she said with a quirk of the lips. They didn’t see eye to eye, Marine Corps and Star Fleet, but they were going to have to work side by side and together at times. Siraa understood her actions right now would set the tone for everyone in the lounge right now.

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

Sparty hadn’t noticed that he had come upon the marine contingent. “Thanks.” He sat down. “Spartacus Neidell, chief of science.”


“You’re welcome.” She held out her hand to Spartacus. “Marine Captain Siraa sh’Rharror, delta squardon leader.” She waved around the room, “And these are the Marines of the newly arrived Marine Flight Group Two-One-Four.”

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta SQLD

Lt. Burcham had finished all his check ins and decided it was time to relax. He walked in and ordered a drink. As he was waiting for it, he scanned the room for a seat. After he got his drink, he walked over to it. Beside his table, was a table filled with a group that looked like the Federation’s marines and a science officer. He looked over at them and waved.
Lt. Burcham, CoS

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