Working in sickbay -Everyones welcome-

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As Melanie is still in sickbay working. She doesn’t stop working cause Sickbay is her favorite place to be in. Although, she wished that she had a junior officer to help her out around sickbay. With it just being her in sickbay, she went into her office and worked on some other things in there as she knew that there wasn’t anything to do. She stayed there until someone needed her or if she was needed. Which she knows that she might not needed. But she might be wrong. Although, while she was sitting in her office in sickbay, she was thinking about other stuff. While working on other stuff on her computer in the office, she noticed that somethings weren’t exactly in place. She then got up and got things put away where they were supposed to be.



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Spartacus walked into sickbay. This was his second least favourite thing to do when boarding. The first was the obvious. He would much prefer to be digging for artifacts.


Hall was sitting in her office and then looked up and noticed that there was someone in sickbay. She then noticed that it was the Chief Science Officer. “Hello. Welcome to sickbay. How can I help you today?” She asked.


“Spartacus Neidell, reporting in for a boarding physical.”


“Alright. Go right ahead to the first bio-bed. So Mr. Neidell is there anything that I should know before I run any scans.” She said.


Spartacus sat on the bio-bed. “Well I’m an archeologist by trade. So I enjoy being in the dirt.”


“That’s good Mr. Neidell. So is there like medical info I should record before my scans?” She asked him. Thinking that it was important.


“As far as I know, I’m up to date on all my vaccines. I haven’t had any injuries since my last check up a year ago. Although, I do sometimes feel a little stiff at time.”


“Please tell me about this stiffness. What’s making you stiff at times?” She asked. “It doesn’t say anything in your record about any injuries.” She said. She then started her scans on him.


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He hadn’t thought much about the stiffness. It was just there at times. “Could be just age. I’m in my 40’s. Maybe I spent too much time in the field.”


“Noted,” she said. “If anything happens you can come and let me know. I’m here everyday and I am more then willing to do anything to assure that this crew is in perfect health. Other than that, you are ready to go on duty.” She added.


The doors to sickbay opened yet again and in walked a handful of new crew all in the everyday Kelly Green unnforms of Federation Marines. Iris glanced at Oni trying hard not to make a face as an NE Nurse asked what they needed. They were all new and in sickbay, wasn’t it obvious? “Yes, Miss. First wave from Air Group 2 1 4. We are here for Our boarding physicals.” Her antenna curled in slightly as she glanced around.

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta Sqd Ldr

She sighed. “Alright everyone single one of you find a biobed and sit there until I’m done with Mar. Cpt. Here. Then I’ll get to all of you. Understood.” She gave them a semi direct order.


Oni glace glanced back at Iris and he smiled at her wishing to something in the universe that he had telepathy to tell her to just go with the flow. But on the other hand he did love to see her in action. She was beautiful, sarcastic and had a very quick wit. It was hard to keep up with her at times. Looking at the CMO now. “Will do madam! Bravo Squadron find beds.” Then he looked around. This place was really big but not that big, so he called out again. “Double up if you have to. We have no secrets.” Then he looked at Iris and gestured to a bed.

Shinzo Honda Bravo Squadron Leader

Iris grinned back at Oni. She knew that look. She got it from everyone - curb her attitude and her tongue. Though she might be thinking crazy things, she was not crazy enough to encure Hannibal’s wrath. Not over a medical check. Over their aquantance Iris had learned that Oni had a ready sense of humor but was terrifying in the cockpit of a fighter and was fiercely loyal. He had a way with the people under his command that engendered that same loyalty in others. Iris hadn’t been surprised at all when he was named 2IC. And as far as humans went, he wasn’t bad looking.

Delta squad was slightly bigger than Bravo, due to numbers of craft needed, but every one of them were the top aviators in the marine Corp. They were all 214 no matter what squad and the pairings showed that identity and pride. There were still a lot of people waiting.

Iris made her way over to a biobed and had a seat. “Come on Shinzi, no secrets, right.”

Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta Sqd Ldr

Oni tried not to laugh but she got him again. Turning a little red as he blushed and sat down next to her. “You got me again Iris! When will I ever figure out not to say something that you can manipulate?”

Shinzo “Oni” Honda, Bravo Squadron Leader

Siraa shook her head. “When you stop enjoying it.”

He shook his head and laughed. “Not a chance!” He was gong to say something else when the CMO started talking.

“Easy. Now let me get all the scans in and out of the way. ” She said.


“My medical records, Doctor.” Siraa held out a data chip. “It’s all there.” Siraa had a few injuries and scars from her time served - all healed. A basic scan would show her pulse was 108, respiration 28, and her temp 101.9. She seemed very healthy and extremely fit even by Andorian standards.

(OOC: her full edical records can be found in her bio)
Mar Cpt sh’Rharror, Delta Sqd Ldr

He reached into his cargo pocket and pulled out his medical files and handed it to her. It will show multiple broken bones and scars from his time in Special Forces. His health is very good.

Major Shinzo Honda Bravo Squadron


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